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in-nomineSteve Jackson’s In Nomine is a translation of the French RPG “In Nomine Satanis / Magna Veritas”. In this RPG, the players (typically) take the rolls of angels or demons engaging their opposites to better the goals of their “side” in the mortal realm. The game maintains a fairly tongue-in-cheek style (particularly when discussing demons). Especially in the English SJGames edition, think of it as “Good Omens, The RPG”.

The concept for Eluscian is that of a gentle but powerful man who cares deeply for the humans in the mortal realm, perhaps even more than he cares for the orders of his choir. As such, we start with the obvious – he is an angel, not a human, revenant or demon. Then we select his Choir. Of the seven angelic choirs (Seraphim, Cherubim, Ofanim, Elohim, Malakim, Kyriotates and Mercurians) he best suits either the Mercurians or Cherubim. I settle on Cherubim because of his quiet and gentle disposition. Going through the various Archangels he can serve under, I settle on Novalis, the Archangel of Flowers (granting him the ability to take upon himself any corporeal damage of someone he touches).

As an angel, Eluscian has 9 points to spend between the three forces (Corporeal, Ethereal and Celestial). Beign stout and strong of will, I decide to focus of Corporeal and Celestial forces over Ethereal, finishing with Corporeal 4, Etherial 2 and Celestial 3. This in turn gives Eluscian 16 points to spend between Strength and Agility, 8 points to spend between Intelligence and Precision and 12 points to spend between Will and Perception. I settle with:

  • Corporeal 4
  • Strength 11 (Stronger than the strongest humans – 1 under the maximum for a celestial)
  • Agility 5 (Excellent for a human, low-average for a celestial)
  • Ethereal 2
  • Intelligence 3 (Average human adult)
  • Precision 5 (Excellent for a human, low-average for a celestial)
  • Celestial 3
  • Will 5 (Excellent for a human, low-average for a celestial)
  • Perception 7 (Exceptional for a human)

As a celestial, Eluscian gets 36 points of Resources (up to level 6 in each). Deciding that Eluscian spends his time on earth working at a homeless mission, so I take the Role (Social Worker) resouce at level 4 (a status 2 job, so it takes 8 points). This makes the role pretty solidly real so he’s got a desk, a small office maybe, and many of the homeless in town know who he is, as well as is co-workers. To support this role, he picks up a few skills that also help him out in his mission and goals, in addition to Language: English at level 3 at no cost.

Detect Lies (Perception) – 3
Emote (Perception) – 4
Fast-Talk (Will) – 2
Savoir-Fair (Precision) – 2
Area Knowledge (Intelligence) – 5

I also decide to give his vessel 2 levels of charisma (for 4 points) bringing him up to 28 points spent, leaving him 8 more to spend on songs and artifacts.

Deciding that mortal support can come in handy, he selects a pair of 4 force human servants (weak for humans, these are an old criminal turned vagrant and a young boy, to be statted out later).

With his remaining 2 points Eluscian learns the Charm (Corporeal) song at level 2, allowing him to sap the strength or agility of those whom he targets with it. In order to learn more songs (and improve his existing song), Eluscian picks up a Discord that suits the original character concept – the Celestial discord of Mercy at level 4. He must make a Will check with a -4 penalty in order to strike a helpless foe. With these four points he increases Charm (Corporeal) to level 3, and learns Charm (Celestial) at level 3 also.

As we begin the war in the mortal realm, the latest soldier of God looks like this:

Eluscian, Cherubim of Novalis
Essence: 9

Corporeal 4
Strength 11
Agility 5
Song of Charm / 3

Ethereal 2
Intelligence 3
Precision 5
Savoir-Fair (Precision) / 2
Area Knowledge (Intelligence) / 5
English (Intelligence) / 3

Celestial 3
Will 5
Perception 7
Detect Lies (Perception) / 3
Emote (Perception) / 4
Fast-Talk (Will) / 2
Song of Charm / 3

Merciful / 4