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discordiaDiscordia is a brilliant little RPG put together by the Reverend John Wick (KSC). In it, you play a Discordian Double Agent. As it should be, the game handles just about anything and does it with a very simple system of rolling d6s and counting 5’s (that is the number of times you can add or subtract the various dice to and from each other to make the number 5).

Discordian Double Agents are Discordians, but are also members in one of the great Greyface conspiracies that the Discordians fight against. A character can either be a Discordian that has joined a conspiracy, or a conspirator that has become a Discordian – either way, their true “calling” is to Eris, the Goddess of Discord.

Each character has to choose backgrounds totalling at 10 points, with no more than 4 points in any one background. Whenever you can apply a background to a roll, you roll that many dice.

Runion The Fifth is a Science Fiction Testing Agent in the employ of Big Fiction Inc (one of the three big publishing companies that control the flow of fiction to the masses). As such, his job is to make sure that the fiction is fictional and the science is… well… scientific. As such he has the following backgrounds:

Strange Science: 3 (he knows a lot about it, but doesn’t actually create it, just tests it on a daily basis)
Future History: 3 (making sure that the fiction isn’t really going to happen because that would certainly put a crimp on things… like the time that someone let William Gibson predict cyberspace)
History: 2 (making sure that the story isn’t just a retelling of something that happened)
Red Tape: 2 (explaining to bosses, editors and authors why things need to be changed without actually saying why things need to be changed)

Further, as a Discordian Double Agent, he starts with

High Weirdness: 2

To fit in with his job of correcting and monitoring the production of Science Fiction, Runion the Fifth has joined an Alien Conspiracy who employ him to keep people believing that aliens are nothing more than science fiction.

As a Discordian who has joined a Conspiracy to undermine it, Runion starts with 3 Catma and 2 Dogma.

So, when we start play in an effort to sneak through the Mayan Stargate to Venus where we have to stop the Rosicrucians from stealing… well, whatever it is on Venus that they want, Runion the Fifth looks like this:

Runion The Fifth, KSC and Coyote Eighth Class
Discordian Double Agent in the Grey Alien Conspiracy

Strange Science: 3
Future History: 3
History: 2
Red Tape: 2
High Weirdness: 2

Catma: 3
Dogma (Fear): 2