fandomiiAs a long-time resident of Ottawa, I would be remiss to not brag about our excellent Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS). I’ve shopped at a dozen stores in the city over the years, and even had my loyalties lie elsewhere for some time – shopping at Master Yang’s, or the Silver Snail, or even the Comic Book Shoppe in Nepean. But time and again I find myself back at Fandom. Fandom has it all. They’ve been gaming at Fandom since forever, and then some. Of the original three guys who ran the place back when I started going there in 1980 when it was in front of Ottawa U, good old Randy is still behind the counter when you walk it today – somewhat grumpy, somewhat jovial, and always a source of interesting minutia about gaming, games and the industry.

The selection is incredible, the grognarderie impressive, and there’s even a dungeon-like gaming ghetto in the basement with a few tables for the resident gamers to gather.

I’ve bought an uncountable number of games at Fandom – from my D&D Expert set, through to Cyborg Commando and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and on to CyberPunk, Shadowrun, the fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons and Feng Shui.

After shopping across Canada for games, I can say that Fandom is only equalled by the Valet de Coeurs in Montreal and surpassed by the Sentry Box in Calgary. All are incredible shops well worth visiting, especially in my quest to support the FLGS.

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