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Street Fighter RPG

Street Fighter RPG

During the hay-day of Vampire and the classic StoryTeller system games, White Wolf released the Street Fighter RPG, licensed from the classic Street Fighter II video game.

I’m a huge fan of the classic World of Darkness games, but I feel that this game really holds up the system at it’s best – only surpassed finally by the New World of Darkness system. If anything, I’d love to see this game reissued using the new system – maybe a project I could work on during my spare time… (watch this blog – I might just end up producing a fan-supported revised version of the game).

Anyways, cracking open this full-colour book was a blast from the past. For my first Street Fighter character for the site, I wanted something from the core book only (my advanced character will use most of the supplements).

My favourite characters in the classic game were Dhalsim with his stretching limbs, and of course Chun-Li with her lightning kicks and the heel spike. So I’m going to aim for something in between the two concepts – someone very fast and agile but with some funky Focus abilities.

Of course, with the Storyteller games, there’s no die-rolling, just a lot of digging through the book for the exact “Kewl Power” you want and can afford, and wrangling ways to afford them. For martial art style I don’t have much choice – without Silat from one of the expansions, I can only get Dhalsim’s rubber limbs through his martial art, Kabaddi. I like the idea of reinforcing the concept of agility through a very fast up-and-down fighting style, so I go for jumps and slides, and combo together a jumping short kick (from a distance using his extending legs) followed by a slide kick. This provides the ability to bounce around the edges of the fight until he finds a target, snapping off a nice kick, and then dropping to the ground and sliding under the opponent’s legs, taking him down in the process.

Name: Sian-Li Huan
Style: Kabaddi
Concept: Spiritual Acrobat
Signature: Lotus position headstand

: oooo
Dexterity: ooooo
Stamina: oo

Charisma: oo
Manipulation: o
Appearance: ooo

Perception: oo
Intelligence: oooo
Wits: oo

Alertness: oo
Insight: ooo
Subterfuge: oo
Blind Fight: oo
Stealth: ooo
Investigation: oo
Medicine: oo
Mysteries: ooo
Style Lore: oo

Focus: oooo
Kick: ooo
Athletics: oo

Extendible Limbs (Special – 4 hex range)
Jump (Spd +3, Dmg +0, Move +0)
Slide Kick (Spd -1, Dmg +3, Move +1, Knockdown)

Jumping Short Kick (Extended) to Slide Kick

Chi: 5
WillPower: 7
Health: 10