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Redemption Night

Redemption Night

Since I wrote up the actual play report about Redemption Night as my last post, I figured I should actually get around to including the character I made for the game in question, as that’s the real purpose of this blog.

All the characters in Redemption Night are people who have committed heinous sins and then went one step further, selling their souls to the devil in order to achieve freedom from the consequences of their sins. Most of the character creation process is background generation, not stats or skills, just a sin and a history.

The first step in character creation in Redemption Night is to choose the sin that defines your past. For Jared it is envy. As such, I use green dice and tokens in the game – a green d12 to represent my sin, a green d6 to represent my skills and abilities, and a set of green tokens to track my successes in a scene.

Then it’s really coming up with a backstory about how Jared’s envy lead him to the unenviable position of selling his soul to the devil to be release onto the streets of New Orleans.

Name: Jared Ward
Sin: Envy
Colour: Green

Background: Mr Ward has always been the jealous type, wanting those things he saw that others had – whether or not he could get them himself. He’s a pack-rat, collecting things, often stuff he stole. He went from job to job as a retail consultant, because he couldn’t get along with his employers for too long, but his eye for what works and what he wants made him a valuable consultant – he has an innate ability to see what people want, and what they would do to get it. If he hadn’t have finished school, or had a penchant for drugs, he would probably have ended up as a drug dealer or career criminal.

Instead, he got married and got paid pretty well, and supplemented his income with baubles that he stole from his employers. His house was big and well-decorated, his wife pretty and social and well-liked. But he wasn’t happy with that, of course, and went from affair to affair, cheating on his wife and even his mistresses. But what finally broke him was when his wife, hungry for the attention he spent elsewhere, started having an affair herself with one of his friends. Jared flipped out and shot his friend with a stolen gun. The police tracked him down and arrested him. In holding for first degree murder, Jared met the adversary in his cell one night and was offered his freedom in exchange for his soul. Charges were dropped the next morning, but then the nightmares started following him.