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Adventures in the New Kingdoms

Adventures in the New Kingdoms

For the 48 hour RPG challenge thrown down by the Wild Die blog, I decided it was finally time to put my Fantasy Heartbreaker to the test.

The New Kingdoms is the setting I’ve been running D&D games in since forever. I’ve house ruled various editions of the game since I was 15 to run in this setting, and took the opportunity of this RPG challenge to finally put a new set of simple rules together to run games in it without relying on the various editions of D&D proper.

The format of the game is unusual – I decided to go with the PocketMod format – where each printed page contains 8 pages of material and is folded up to create a booklet about the size of a Magic the Gathering card. Each booklet contains one chapter of the game information.

Because of the 48 hour limit, a lot of information is missing from this edition – particularly the expanded magic, character classes and setting information. However, I’ll be able to add this material to the game as I go now, having the base material already written and laid out in a format I find appealing.

The actual PDFs I’m linking to are not yet converted to be printed in PocketMod format – mainly because the PDF to PocketMod program won’t run properly on my Linux box.

I’m looking forward to upgrading this set of booklets over the next few weeks until I have a game that is both playable and complete enough to release. Then I’ll begin adding the additional material to really flesh out the game world.