From Polyhedral Dreams I had to steal this “Five Games I Want to Play” meme. I’ve played over a hundred RPGs, with most of my long term game experience being in TSR and White Wolf games, and recently I’ve been playing a few indie games and a bunch of Savage Worlds. But there are a lot of games out there I’d love to play, and even a few in my own collection that I’ve never had the opportunity to really pull out and put through their paces.

SLA Industries

The game looks awesome and thick with flavour. I borrowed the main book once and loved reading it, but never got a chance to play or run it. This has been on my short list for years now. I’m a big fan of the CyberPunk genre, but this is more than that. From my read through it seems like a king of the gritty game scene.

Mage: the Ascension

I keep hearing how awesome it is with the right group. I loved reading the technocracy books. I’m not sure how well the ability to free-associate magic spells will work for me, especially the first few games, but I’d love to give it a try.

Burning Wheel

Making burning characters was a lot of fun. The system feels very dense and rules-heavy, but is written in a way that makes me really want to play through it. I have a weakness for scripted combat systems too, and this uses it for both social and physical combat. Definitely an awesome read for anyone thinking of writing a fantasy RPG. I would love to play this in a Thieve’s World style setting.


My own game world for D&D is so rooted in the Elric saga that it amazes me to this day that I’ve never actually played a game in that setting. For some reason it’s also one of the few “mainstream” RPGs I don’t have on my bookshelves – even through five or six editions of the game I never picked one up.

Black Cadillacs

One of the guys I’ve been gaming with has a copy of this awesome looking indie RPG. It’s hard-core in design (memo-pad style book, hard covers with an actual steel plate on the cover) and the descriptions I’ve read and heard of game play makes it sound like a memorable way to role-play in a war, without focusing ANY of the mechanics on combat. Definitely want to try it out sometime soon.