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Basal Thrull (copyright Wizards of the Coast)

Basal Thrull (copyright Wizards of the Coast)

In the New Kingdoms setting, one of the creature types often encountered by my players since the mid 90’s have been a twisted and ill-fated slave race of the Kale that they refer to merely as their thralls. The thralls are an almost direct port of the creatures from the Fallen Empires set from Magic the Gathering called Thrulls (I wasn’t feeling all that creative, and only replaced a single letter in the name).

With the New Kingdoms now being rebuilt with its own game system instead of being shoe-horned into the various editions of D&D, it is also time to start converting the thralls to the new edition. The thralls are known to most of the people who have met or heard of them as “ebon claws” and are known to breed in a wide variety of forms depending on their needs.

The most basic of the original thralls (later bred to the even simpler thrall pet) was the Night Thrall. Although the name brings to mind thoughts of something far more sinister, the night thralls were not bred for combat or murder, but as sacrifices to power the dark sorceries of the ever-lazier Kale wizards who crafted them.

Night thralls accumulate the dark energies of the breeding pits and their Kale masters and internalize them to be released when sacrificed as part of a dark sorcery. Their very utility forces them into a massive variety of shapes and forms, many with fierce weaponry and often armoured, but they are weak of will and unsuited to warfare. Every night thrull is a mutant, and while pit families may share some similar traits, no two are identical. They vary in number of limbs, hide and sensory organs (or lack thereof). In lairs where their Kale masters have forgotten them, they boil out of their breeding pits when disturbed, a wave of mutant beasts that conceal the more dangerous of their kin amongst them.

Adventures in the New Kingdoms

Night Thrall

Talent: 3
Skill: 1
Knowledge: 0
Willpower: 1

Combat: 4
Damage: 1/2/2/2/3/3
Fortitude: 8

Special: When sacrificed while casting any sorcery, the dark essence of the thrall can be used to increase the Sorcery roll by +2 and to reduce the Fortitude cost of spellcasting by 2.

Dungeons & Dragons (B/X)

Night Thrall

Armor Class: 8
Hit Dice: 2
Move: 60′ (20′)
Attacks: 1 Bite
Damage: 1d6
No Appearing: 2-8 (1-100)
Save As: F2
Morale: 4
Treasure Type: Nil
Alignment: Chaotic

Special: When sacrificed while casting any wizard or elf spell, the thrall’s essence increases any effects based on spellcaster level by +2 levels.