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1km1kt.net and the Free RPG Blog are hosting an awesome 24 hour RPG challenge contest. The 24 hour RPG challenge is a test of your game design skills – design, write and produce an RPG in 24 hours. Go onto the 24 hour RPG forums or mailing list, announce you are starting your game, and 24 hours later upload it to the site, complete or not. One of my favourite RPGs (as listed on my top 25 RPGs of all time) is a 24 hour game that came out looking pretty polished and professional – there have been some excellent games out of the challenge over the years, most of which are archived over at 1km1kt.

This particular contest however, extends the challenge by adding a few new rules – and a prize.

  • Pick a topic from the list of game topics provided on the site.
  • Include an NPC named Keeton in the game you design.
  • Upload the game to 1km1kt.net before July 1st

Then they are going to judge the games submitted and the winner gets £30 in Amazon gift certificates on July 17th.

I’m going to give it a run on Monday – so expect to see a post on Monday about the game I’m writing, and again on Tuesday with the full game once I’m done (or the partial game, if I don’t manage to finish it on time).

I absolutely encourage you to drop on by the site and try your hand at the contest.