Just put in a minor change to the site and am contemplating a second. Over on the right side of the page you’ll see a picture of the barbarian-type guy with that flaming d20 spear (from the Dragon Warriors RPG by Corgi books). That leads to a new page on the site that agalmates all the characters created so far in the 400 Characters for 200 Games project. Underneath that I have the link to the Adventures in the New Kingdoms page, without the list of sub-pages that used to be there (you can get those from the page itself).

With the addition of Geodesic Gnomes to the site, I’m considering getting rid of that link to the New Kingdoms page altogether and replacing it with a link to a “Dyson Games” page that will have any/all the games I’ve written linked to from there. I’ll definitely have to create a Dyson Games page as soon as I write a third game, since there’s no more room for first-level pages on the top-bar of the site – the question will be whether a link to it replaces mini banners of all my games on the side-bar.