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Geodesic Gnomes

Geodesic Gnomes

It’s a free RPG where the characters are the genetically damaged people living in the walls of the cities of the future. It’s my new RPG, Geodesic Gnomes.

For those who weren’t following my evolving 24 hour RPG Challenge post through the full 24 hours that I kept updating it, the game is now complete and available for download.

Geodesic Gnomes is a 25 page PDF with two additional files – a cover page and a character sheet. It’s a full RPG with background and setting, mechanics and conflict resolution for physical, social and political engagements, character creation & advancement and even a full adventure to play your first game.

The game attempts to play out as a new cyberpunk style setting – emphasis is on tribal ties and living outside of society as a whole. You can read more about it on the new Geodesic Gnomes page here on the site. I’ll be updating it with material as the game progresses – I’m already thinking that I need to make a “printer friendly” version of the document for people who use inkjets, and I want to include a supplement with more talents and equipment for the game… GnomeTech.

Drop on by the Geodesic Gnomes page to read more and to get your own (FREE) copy of Geodesic Gnomes – Redefining the High Tech Low Life.