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hypneroLast week’s success of the Random Gossip Generator had me listening a little closer to conversations on the bus and at parties this weekend. So once again, for those times that the players fail a Gather Information check, or make the check when you don’t have any actual useful gossip available for them in town, dig out your trusty eight sided die and find some hot new gossip for them to discover and lead them on their merry way down the wrong path.

It’s like a red herring generator, but it doesn’t smell quite as fishy.

  1. Johan is back together with his old love, but everyone remembers how bad of a fit they were last time. Supposedly they are living together this time. If you ask me, it sounds fishy and something is seriously wrong with this whole picture. I’m not saying that Johan is brainwashed or being threatened, but I’m not saying he’s not…
  2. The city council keeps saying they support the mayor in this and that he’s obviously not corrupt, but you can see how they are distancing themselves from him as fast as they can. I bet a few of the counselors will be caught up in the whole scheme before the house of cards comes crashing down completely.
  3. Mike introduced me to his new friend from out of town, but seems to be really evasive about the guy’s history and how they know each other. Hell, I don’t even know for sure what Mike was doing when he was in the city, let alone why he would know a guy like that. The dude is a nasty-looking piece of work and I’m sure he carries a knife all the time. Either organized crime or something darker.
  4. Rhys has been missing for a week. Well, not exactly missing, just haven’t seen him around. Jody says she saw him the other day, but I think he’s hiding out of sight or keeping low for some reason. He’s never home when I drop by. Something weird is going on.
  5. Millie has a completely different personality when things get rough. The other night we were out at the bar and there was a fight, and she just snapped, pushed me out of the way, and let loose on one of the guys fighting. It was insane! Sure she’s a red-head, but she’s usually so timid and giggly, not an angry lioness.
  6. I hear the guy they dragged into the station the other night was really messed up. Like not just messed up on whatever drugs he was taking, but also some serious injuries that no one noticed at first. Creepy that someone could be out all night with injuries that would have killed any of us. Talk about night of the living dead!
  7. Doreen’s uncle Kev had some bad experiences dealing with the pawn shop over there. He swears that the stuff he pawned and then bought back weren’t the same. He says they switched his stuff for lower quality goods and are selling the good stuff behind the scenes to other businesses.
  8. Jonathan keeps going on about how he’s freaked out about that new girl and everything, but I think he’s just pulling all of our legs and is just playing us. He knows she’s nothing special and is just trying to get us all to freak out about her.

Do you have any rumours or gossip that would make a good quick red herring for a game? If so, pass it along and I’ll put into Random Gossip Generator III.