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Imperial Earth Dragon Ad

Every FGU game I own I bought because of advertising in Dragon Magazine. However there were other ads in the magazines that really caught my attention but I never saw the games in stores.

One of the ones that really caught my attention was “Imperial Earth” (which had an ad in an article in Dragon 118 that we used extensively in our AD&D1e campaigns).


In the Year 2198
Excommunication is a harsh sentence. Can you stand up to the Pope’s attack fleets?

Imperial Earth
A complete science fiction role-playing game.

Imperial Earth is a complete role-playing game from the ANYWHEN universal role-playing system. Adventure in the fully-detailed setting of  a futuristic world gone mad; where high technology merges with barbaric ideologies across thousands of worlds.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do mail-order back then, and I never saw the game (as promised) at my local hobby store. With my interest re-piqued by going over this article again as part of a thread on ENWorld, I decided to go looking for it again. Turns out, the only references I can find for it are on a few threads about vapour-ware games that never were.

The idea of the game and the illustration really got my attention as a teen, and I find it amazing that a company purchased advertising in Dragon for over a year for a game that they supposedly never published. Sure, Palladium did it for their supplements all the time (and finally released the supplements sometimes years later), but at least they had the core games out already and the advertising would get interest in their core games. But a company that never released anything?