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Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare

The old days of burning RPG players at the stake are gone, but that hasn’t complete stopped the general malaise towards RPGs expressed by many faithful of a variety of organized religions. And where there is conflict…

Spiritual Warfare is a fantasy RPG with a very Christian bent. Players take on roles similar to those in regular D&D and other D&D clones, but are able to use Rhemas (quotations from the bible) in order to produce miracles in play. This can act as an interesting teaching aid for biblical passages for clergy who also run RPGs (I know a few).

The game uses named-level stats (Novice, Standard, Proficient) and a die pool system as the basis for task resolution. Player characters are by force “good” guys, and protect the innocent from the demons of hell.

Character creation begins by rolling for your stats. Each stat will be either Novice, Standard or Proficient based on the result of a d20 roll. Each character also gets a template (a profession or calling) and each template has specific ability requirements and provides equipment and background for the character and sometimes some starting gifts. After rolling for their levels you get to place the stats where you want them so you can qualify for the template you want. Going through the list, I decide I’m going for a Bishop… primarily because of the Monty Python sketch of that name. And feeling good and biblical, I’m going to name him Ezekial. Ezekial Teague (after one of the main characters in Card’s Fringe stories).

My bishop’s starting stats are: Novice, Standard, Novice, Standard, Standard and Standard (not a single Proficient… sad). To be a bishop I need Standard or greater Spirit, so that claims one of the four Standards. The two novice rankings go to Dexterity and Wisdom. I seem to either make rogues, or clumsy oafs… I then get to improve one Attribute (let’s do Dexterity, to bring it up to Standard).

With a decent stats all around, the skill choices are actually pretty hard. Favor allows me to ask for help and… well… favors. Investigation to seek out explanations for trouble. Courage to make him braver and finally Praise and Worship to damage demons with the manifest presence of God. We also discover that his Sin is lust, and it is a very strong compulsion for him to defeat (rated as high as they go, a -4 rating).

He also starts with a few level Rhema (divine magics) that require that he spend a Rhema point each to cast (or 3 rhema points, if the player can’t recite the appropriate biblical passage from memory). In this case he has one to help on Spirit, Wisdom and Perception rolls, one to blast his enemies with fire, and one to protect against missile attacks.

Name: Ezekial Teague
Template: Bishop

Spirit: Standard
Wisdom: Novice
Perception: Standard
Strength: Standard
Dexterity: Standard
Fortitude: Standard

Faith Points: 5
Hit Points: 19
Attacks Per Round: 1

Investigation – Proficient
Favors – Proficient
Courage – Proficient
Praise & Worship – Proficient

Gifts of the Spirit
Gift of Tongues

Sin Factors
Lust -4

Rhema Points: 3
Belt of Truth
Shield of Faith

Short Sword (value 3)
12 sp