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Espionage '88

Espionage '88

The process of backwards converting the better parts of the Top Secret / S.I. game to the original Top Secret game (the basis for Espionage ’88) is primarily in simplifying the combat systems and social interaction, and bringing over the Advantages & Disadvantages from TS/SI.

The biggest issue? Many of the advantages and disadvantages are obviously in TS/SI to make up for the many character traits (ability scores) that were removed between editions. The interpersonal advantages in SI were primarily based around the target defending against the attempt using their Willpower, but needed no roll from the person instigating the seduction attempt, for instance. Another example is the Cowardice disadvantage which again used the Willpower trait, whereas in the classic game there was a Courage stat to use for such tests.

In the end, it means that there is no way to directly port over about half of the advantages and disadvantages, instead allowing them to rely on the personal traits that they were replacing from the original game. It does, however, mean having to add a bunch of new advantages and disadvantages to the game to bring the lists up to a useable level.

At this point, Espionage ’88 has 35 advantages (compared to 34 in TS/SI), but 10 of the old advantages from /SI had to be dumped and replaced with 11 new ones.

And now it’s time to get to work on the disadvantages.