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The 1km1kt 24 Hour RPG Challenge

The 1km1kt 24 Hour RPG Challenge

Space Monkeys! Aliens vs Monsters vs Pirates vs Ninjas! Ten Men Called Joe! Rampage! Mr Toaster Needs a Soul! Power Squid!

The 1km1kt & Free RPG Blog 24 hour RPG challenge is approaching its deadline. The object is to design, write & produce an RPG in 24 hours using one of a list of themes for the game. The list above are a few of the themes presented in the list, but there are a bunch more to choose from including Geodesic Gnomes, the Adventures of Spontaneous Combustion Man, and the L.H.C. Destroyed the World.

And unlike the standard 24 hour RPG challenge – there’s a grand prize at the end of the day.

For a full list of the available themes, check out the full rules of the contest here. The grand prize winner gets a £30 Amazon gift certificate, and the accolades of everyone in the crowd.

The real trick is that you have to start and finish your design in a 24 hour period, and you have to do it before the first of July. Half the month left folks, so put on your gaming hat and design something new, wild, interesting, or whatever comes out of your strange gaming mind.

My own Geodesic Gnomes RPG is my entry for the contest. But with a few weeks left, I might even manage to write another entry before the deadline. It’s amazing what working against a deadline can do for your game design, and remind you that sometimes you can’t be a completionist – you just need to get the concept of the game across as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Game on!