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The Throne of Bone (image copyright Wizards of the Coast)

The Throne of Bone (image copyright Wizards of the Coast)

One of three potent artifacts of Entropy known to have been the heart of the power of the Sorcerers of Illun-Rhu. The Throne of Bone is a massive construction of bones of a hundred different creatures set in a framework around the ribs and spine of a great giant and the skull of a mighty dragon. The Throne is believed to still sit at the top of the Tower of Skulls, protected by the undead revenants of the Sorcerers of Illun-Rhu who were all slain during the great revolt against the Kale.

The Throne is presented here developed as an artifact using the Dungeons & Dragons Masters Rules.

The throne is a massive construction, weighing over 12,000 pounds, making it very difficult to move. Legends speak of a necromancer having sat upon it as it was carried by an army of skeletal minions into battle, but the Sorcerers of Illun-Rhu instead kept it atop the spire of the Tower of Skulls from whence they could see everything within their domain and into neighbouring kingdoms.

The presence of the Throne of Bone on a battlefield is a massive advantage to the force upon who’s side it sits, and much of the credit given to the Sorcerers in their battle agains four legions of Kale warrior-mages is credited to the presence of the throne during the revolt.

All powers of the Throne of Bone are cast as if by a level 40 spellcaster. The throne has 250 power points, and each power it manifests uses a number of these points as indicated below. The throne recharges at a rate of 60 power points per hour.

The Throne of Bone
Lesser Artifact
Power Points: 250
Recharge Rate: 60 / hour


  • 15 pp – Magic Missile (5 missiles, 1d6+1 damage each – manifests as bone shards)
  • 30 pp – Wizard Eye (240′ range, 6 Turns, Mv 120′)
  • 30 pp – Memorize 3 additional spell levels of spells
  • 50 pp – Animate Dead (60′ range, EF 40 HD)
  • 50 pp – Geas (30′ range)
  • 75 pp – Victory (EF +25 CR Roll, on CRT worst result possible is 91-100)


  • When first used, the Strength and Constitution of the person sitting on the Throne of Bone (and thus wielding it’s magics) is reduced by 1d6 points each.
  • Further, each time a power is used, the wielder loses weight equal to 1/10 of the power points spent on the power until the wielder is reduced to a bare skin-covered skeleton.


  • Whenever the Victory power is triggered, the wielder suffers a permanent hit point loss of 1d6.
  • Whenever a power of the throne is used, there is a percentage chance equal to 1/10 of the power points spent that the wielder is pulled into the Throne of Bone along with all equipment and clothing. At the same time, the previous person trapped through this power is released and sits once again on the throne.
  • There is a 1 in 6 chance every time a power is triggered by a wielder that the throne will stop recharging on it’s own, requiring the addition of new bones to begin charging again. The bones to be added must come from a number of Hit Dice of creatures equal to the Power Point cost of the power that triggered this penalty.
Throne of Bone, image copyright Wizards of the Coast

Throne of Bone, image copyright Wizards of the Coast