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Blackpowder Clockwork Firearm

Blackpowder Clockwork Firearm

In this second instalment of Steamguns and Blackpowder Clockworks, I present a small collection of magical firearms for fantasy games that have implemented firearms as part of the setting (and that can work in a setting that doesn’t – see the footnote).

Once again, this post is part of the RPG Blog Carnival, hosted this month by MadBrew Labs on the topic of Steampunk and Klokworks.

Merrick Thewhorn’s Revolving Firelock

Pictured above, this revolver was the primary sidearm of a champion of the church of Law in his battles against the fell lycanthropes that infested the sewers and eventually the thieves’ guild and the Church of Taruk the Shifter. This magical pistol replaces the entire flintlock assembly with a magical fire source, which in turn allows it to be more easily carried and used. It also uses a five-round rotating chamber and barrel design to make it ready to fire as quickly as possible between shots. The revolver is a +1 weapon, +3 against lycanthropes. Traditionally it has always been loaded with silver bullets, but can accomodate any type of round.

Peryton’s Longarm

A beautiful long-barreled flintlock with gold and platinum markings over the entire length of the weapon. Weighing 10 pounds loaded, Peryton’s Longarm is magically significantly lighter than would be expected of a solid metal construction. The end of the barrel is designed to look like a hand, clutching around the end of the barrel. The ring finger on the hand can wear a magical ring, providing the benefits of said ring to the bearer of the flintlock. Otherwise it operated as a standard +1 flintlock rifle unless loaded with amethysts instead of normal rounds. If loaded with an amethyst, Peryton’s Longarm fires a lightning bolt instead of the normal bullet (consuming the gemstone in the process). This is a single-target bolt of lightning with a range of 200 feet that never misses and deals damage based on the value of the stone consumed.

  • under 50 gp = 1 damage
  • 50 to 100 gp = 1d6 damage
  • 101 to 250 gp = 2d6 damage
  • 250 to 500 gp = 3d6 damage
  • 500 to 1,000 gp = 4d6 damage
  • over 1,000 gp = 5d6 damage


A dwarven weapon from unknown antiquity, Tunnel-Lock appears at first to be a heavy battle axe with two gears on one side of the head and a small gear with a turning knob near the base of the haft. Tunnel-Lock is a +1 battle axe, but by turning the bottom gear, a barrel is exposed in the tip of the haft and a chamber locks into place behind it, pushed there by the gears at the head of the axe. When fired, a fiery explosion leaps from the barrel of the gun to where it is pointed. This operates as a +1 flaming flintlock pistol. The true origins of Tunnel-Lock are lost to time, but legends have it in the hands of several dwarven champions over the last few centuries until it was captured by a cunning team of trolls against whom it was being used at the time.

Footnote: Using these guns in a game without guns.

So, you like some magical guns but don’t have flintlocks and percussion cap revolvers in your game setting? At heart these weapons most resemble wands from classic AD&D – any character class can use them and they have limited charges. Think of them as a slightly modified version of a wand of magic missiles, where you have to roll to hit. In this kind of setting, have each firearm come with a limited quantity of magical gunpowder. To make the point that it is a magical and not an alchemical explosive, make it bright blue or red, definitely make it glow. Once the gunpowder runs out, the gun won’t work anymore.