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Milsim RPGs, for the firearms fetishists in us all

Milsim RPGs, for the firearms fetishists in us all

This month is Military Month on a Character for Every Game.

Since the beginning of the RPG industry, the military was home to a lot of gamers for whatever reason. In turn this meant that a lot of the early RPGs that moved out of the Dungeons & Dragons mold were of a military bent. For the duration of the month, with a few exceptions, I’m going to focus on characters for military RPGs, and my Sunday Top 5 lists will have a military RPG theme to them.

Military gaming has a distinct appeal in that the whole game is typically mission-based – as the Game Master you don’t have to provide a real “reason” or “hook” for the PCs to get involved – instead you just give them orders or a mission briefing and send them on their way. The other appeal to the mass market is from players looking for something more “realistic” than classic D&D. And some of the military games went out of their way to be heavy modern combat simulations, with combat systems so complex that playability and fun often became the first victims to this hunt for realism.

And of course, military RPGs let the gun fetishists run free.

But today is Canada Day, where we drink Canadian beer, eat poutine, and celebrate the burning of the White House. So my first real Military July post will be tomorrow, and probably hungover.