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The Tomb of Dûrahn Oakenshield

The Tomb of Dûrahn Oakenshield

The One Page Dungeon I submitted back at the end of May for the One Page Dungeon Contest didn’t make the winners or runners up list, but did get an honourable mention as the “Best Introductory One-Shot” of the hundred+ entries they received. Pretty cool recognition and I’m pretty proud of it.

Since a noticeable percentage of the traffic to the blog is hunting for that one page dungeon as well as the two RPGs I’ve written and posted here for download, I updated the navigation of the site to include a single page to help people find the various downloadables on the site. By going to the Downloads & Games page, you get a list and overview of the downloadables I’m hosting. My goal is to add a bunch of One Page Dungeons over the next while – once there are more than six of them, I’ll section off the One Page Dungeons to their own page, linked to from the Downloads & Games pages.

Speaking of my downloads, have you checked out Geodesic Gnomes, my 24 hour RPG that I submitted to the 1km1kt.net and Free RPG Blog contest? It’s a functional and complete cyberpunk-styled RPG focusing on the high tech low life living inside the dome superstructure of the world’s domed cities. And of course, it’s FREE!