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Deep7's Exosuit A-OK

Deep7's Exosuit A-OK

A world of tough streetfighters, robot-suited heroes and geeky scientists in a dynamic, stylized, action-packed Japanese animation adventure. This is the setting of “Exosuit A-OK”, a simple 1PG game from Deep7.

This game also happens to have nearly double the rules material as most of the 1PG line, adding a whole page of material on designing and game stats for Exosuits and such. The first time I pulled out Exosuit A-OK was for a Rifts rip-off game – in a previous game, everyone was playing dirty-poor urban scum survivors in the nasty world of Rifts, and looking up to Glitterboys and the awesome SAMAS flying power armor of the elite members of the coalition forces. So we pulled out Exosuit and made glitterboys and SAMAS teams and went at it in a more beer-and-pretzels environment, avoiding all issues involving MegaDamage and game balance.

Like the rest of the 1PG line, making a character for Exosuit A-OK involves four d3 rolls for ability scores (in this case for Sturdiness, Looks, Craftiness and Brains – just like in Battleforce Bravo). For our sample character, Jordan Miko, we get rolls of 2, 3, 2 and 2 – not a single weakpoint, and his high point is his good looks. A fine young officer in the Exosuit Jump Infantry, probably still has a baby face. He gets 1d3+3 (5) skill points to distribute, and can take negative skill points in some skills to get more. Since we’re going for an Exosuit Pilot, he needs some bonus in pilot. He may understand the value of geekery, but it is definitely not his strong point, using the point gained from that to improve his shooting. He gets mediocre to low rolls for Guts, Cool and Blood, and his current status is a Soldier (increasing Cool) and his background is a Streetfighter (increasing his Cool some more, awesome!)

Now we have to stat out his Exosuit. As an ex-streetfighter now in the military, he’s looking for something maneuverable and prefers shooting over melee because he understands the concept of a fair fight, and would rather not have to deal with those too often while in the service. The first roll is whether he has a light or medium suit (a roll of 5 says a medium weight suit, and a roll of 4 indicates that it has four option slots). He sticks a railgun on the suit, and then has to decide between flight, or jump jets and some improved armor. In the end the safety of more armor appeals, and he grabs jump jets and enhanced armor.

Jordan Miko, Exosuit Infantry

Height: 5’8″
Weight: 140 lbs
Age: 24
Hair: Brown & red, long in front, short in back.
Eyes: Blue
Gender: Male

Status: Soldier
Background: Street Fighter

Sturdiness: 2
Athletics: +1
Drinking: +0
Fighting: +1
Shooting: +2

Looks: 3
Fashion: +1
Pose: +1
Seduction: +0

Craftiness: 2
Bargain: +1
Con: -1
Gambling: -1
Mechanics: +1
Perform: +0
Pilot: +2

Brains: 2
Geekery: -1
General Knowledge: +0
Languages: -1
Technical Knowledge: +0

Cool: 6
Guts: 5
Blood: 13
Reputation: 0

P-44 Alpha Jumpsuit

Medium Exosuit
AV 20
30 Blood
4 option slots
Railgun – 20 blood, ignores 10 AV.
Enhanced Armor
Jump Jets (1d3 turns of flight per use)