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Deep 7's Battleforce Bravo

Deep 7's Battleforce Bravo

World War II – the second great war. War never changes, except the changes in the survivors. From the African campaign, to Iwo Jima and the beaches of Normandy, it is time to roll up some soldiers and fight the good fight in the name of the Allies.

Battleforce Bravo is one of Deep7’s 1PG series of short RPGs. The entire rules of the game take up pages 3 to 6, and two of those pages are character creation. The rest of the book is a series of short adventures, perfect for an evening of gaming. The rules are very simple and easy to learn, and the 1PG companion can be used to add a bit more rules to the game, especially good if you plan to play more than a few sessions, or want to put together a longer campaign in the system.

The real beauty of the game, like most 1PG games, is that half of the book is adventures / scenarios for WWII gaming (six adventures over six pages in this case). Perfect even if you are using another WWII rules set, like the d20 ones by Chris Pramas from Polyhedron, or even as a launching point for a game or two of the gritty narrativist Black Cadillacs.

So it’s time to roll up Harold Kern, my WW2 Grunt. The character creation section is written as a series of gruff orders, probably from your drill instructor. Following orders, I roll 1d3 for each of the four ability scores (Sturdiness, Looks, Craftiness and Brains). Harold comes out with a high Sturdiness & Craftiness and low Looks. I’m immediately getting the “grizzled veteran” feel about this guy, so I’ll run with that for skill selection. He gets d3+3 skill points to distribute, and a low roll gives him a whole 4 points. Fortunately, he can allow some skills to have a negative score in order to get more points. Since I see him as a grunt, I’m immediately stripping down his Pilot skill to the lowest possible score, adding 2 more skill points. In the end he specializes in drinking, fighting, gambling, and general knowledge.

Then it’s a d6 for Wits (charisma and mental bearing), another d6 for Guts (if you are scared and fail a guts check, you lose a point of Wits), 2d6+5 for Blood (hit points), and then a roll on the backgrounds and status tables. What we end up with is a mediocre Wits reinforced by a high Guts and fairly high Blood. His background is Athlete (obviously an ex-football playing jock – which gives him bonuses to a bunch of Sturdiness skills and 3 more blood) and his status is Battle Hardened (for an extra point of Guts).

Then I roll a d6 against each of his four ability scores. Each roll that is equal to or under the score gives him a point of reputation. While he gets it for Sturdiness, he doesn’t get any other successful rolls. So what little rep he has is based on his toughness and fighting skills.

Harold Kern, Grizzled Veteran

Sturdiness 3
Drinking +1
Fighting +2
Pilot -2
Running +1
Shooting +1
Swimming +1

Looks 1
Attire +0
Pose +0
Seduction +0

Craftiness 3
Con -1
Dodge +1
Gambling +2
Performing +0
Repair +1

Brains 2
General Knowledge +1
Languages +0
Technical Knowledge -1
Oratory +0

Wits: 2
Guts: 7
Blood: 17
Reputation: 1