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Fortress on the Ironflow

Fortress on the Ironflow

For this map, I’ve included a One Page Dungeon PDF at the bottom of the post.

Deep under the mountains by the ruined dwarven citadel of Kuln, the Ironflow river was once used as a water source for the inhabitants, a means of travel, and to power the mighty bellows in the dwarven forges.

Shortly after the river goes underground, it passes a river fortress on the right and the ruins of another small dwarven construction on the left before forking and heading deeper.

Since the destruction of the citadel of Kuln at the hands of the giants, this fortress has fallen into the hands of a few ogres and their lizardmen flunkies.

The ground and walls here are of finely hewn or natural stone (depending on the area – natural at the beach and caverns, and finely hewn dwarven workmanship in the finished areas), with a thin sandy beach on both the north and south shores.

For this map, I used a much looser cross-hatching than the one I posted last week. This takes a lot less time to do (reducing the drawing time for the map to about a third), but doesn’t look quite as awesome.

The PDF of this dungeon is stocked and statted as a B/X (or Labyrinth Lord) encounter set for level 2 to 4 characters. It can easily be converted to any other version of D&D by simply substituting a few of the B/X classic monsters (the beetles and lizards) for other similar creatures.

Download the One Page Dungeon PDF.

Fortress on the Ironflow

Fortress on the Ironflow