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Deep7's Star Legion

Deep7's Star Legion

Space Marines fighting alien menaces to keep the Human Hegemony safe from the threat of complete species annihilation. Star Legion is about role-playing in the genres of Star Wars, Star Trek, Enemy Mine, Starblazers and Robotech. It’s about fast science fiction action in the far reaches of space, and sometimes back here on Earth.

It’s also another 1PG game from Deep7, and one with a lot of supplements – so that means lots of adventures. Each of the 1PG line of games is meant to be a beer and pretzels RPG emulation of a genre of movies – in this case it’s all genres of science fiction, particularly focused on the space opera and science fantasy.

I originally rolled up this character in late June, but because of the end result being such a military -style character, I’ve held publishing him until this month as part of Military July on A Character For Every Game.

I’m going into character generation for Star Legion without any real focus on what I’m expecting or what I want to play – so out comes the random character creation system and we’ll see what we get. The game setting is going to be something along the lines of the Trade Pact universe of Julie E. Czerneda’s novels – something full of hostile and semi-hostile sentient life.

Initial random d3 rolls for the four ability scores in the game give our hero high sturdiness and average Looks, Craftiness and Brains. No weaknesses, and a good fighter. D6 rolls give us a Cool of 4 and Guts of 5 – pretty level-headed and quite brave, or at least able to handle just about anything that the universe throws his way. He has 12 Blood (hit points) – average for a spacefarer. We then roll a d6 against each of his stats to see if he has any starting reputation. He succeeds with both his Looks and Brains, so he has 2 reputation.

His background roll of 4 makes him a Soldier, giving him +1 Pilot, Shooting and Guts. The Guts boost brings him up to 6, pretty damned gutsy. His Status roll of 4 makes him a Humanoid Alien, and he gets to pick out three skills that he gets at +1 as his racial advantages… And a homeworld roll of 2 means he’s from an Aquatic planet. Making something up on the fly and he’s going to be a Kereolan Marine, a soldier from a race of Theta-class (oxygen-breathing) near-human physiology bipedal mammals. Kereolan’s evolved on a planet that is primarily formed of strings of small islands in a huge world-spanning ocean that would be a resort planet if it weren’t always raining and overcast. Because of the overcast conditions, kereolans evolved with excellent vision and hearing (+1 awareness). Their entire culture revolves around fine clothing (to protect against the ravages of the weather on their homeworld, and to show off their status elsewhere) to the point that even their battle armor is often a work of art (+1 fashion). Their long digitigrade legs also make them quick runners (and swimmers) (+1 runnin’).

Corporal Eps Ing Oolan of the Kereolan Marines gets 1d6 skill points to spend on skills, and can reduce some skills (taking a skill penalty) to increase others. Which is good since he only has 2 skill points to start with, spending one on shooting and one on brawling. With only $40 in starting money, he’s got to hope that the Kereolan Marines issue him some gear, otherwise he’s going to be exploring the universe with a knife and the fancy clothes on his very long legs and oddly-shaped head.

Corporal Eps Ing Oolan, Kereolan Marine
Background: Soldier
Status: Alien (Humanoid)
Homeworld: Aquatic

Sturdiness: 3
Athletics +0
Brawling +1
Drinking +0
Shootin’ +2

Looks: 2
Fashion +1
Pose +0
Seduction -1

Craftiness: 2
Bargain +1
Con +1
Gambling -1
Mechanics -1
Perform +1
Pilot +1
Runnin’ +1

Brains: 2
Astronavigation -1
Awareness +1
General Knowledge +0
Languages +1
Technical Knowledge +1
Xenoscience -1

Cool: 4
Guts: 6
Blood: 12
Reputation: 2