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Welcome to what has recently become the most popular page on my blog. Please note that there are other versions of this character sheet available on other pages of the blog. Head on over to the Downloads & Games page to find links to the other versions (my favourite is a folder-style sheet that prints on a single letter page) as well as the various 1 page dungeons I’ve released (mostly statted for B/X D&D and Labyrinth Lord). Also, the “Maps” category of posts includes more locations that have been statted up for B/X D&D and Labyrinth Lord but have not been converted to PDF for download.

And now on to the post you came here to read

Character Sheet Detail

Character Sheet Detail

When our latest player joined our gaming group, one of the items he had in his character binder was a set of d20 characters on hs custom 17+ page character sheets. These sheets covered everything from maps and descriptions of the characters’ homes, to stats for their mounts and retainers, full spell sheets and so on. Completely over the top and yet fun in the sheer completeness it offers.

There was one design element that really caught my eye from his custom sheets: the layout – they were landscape instead of portrait. Something about the landscape format ‘clicked’ with me, so I sat down and designed these B/X or Labyrinth Lord sheets which have been adopted by everyone in the group for both my B/X game and the Tuesday night ones (even by the aforementioned player with his massive custom sheets).

Unlike his uber sheets which are designed in Excel and use nice clean graphics, headers and box design, I generally go for a rougher, hand-drawn look for my sheets. This style began when I first started drawing my own character sheets on graph paper and I wanted to better delineate areas of the sheet for notes and equipment and so on. So I hand drew most of the elements of this sheet and then put the rest of it together using the GIMP.

So here’s the final product – click on the graphic to download the PDF version (or right-click and save-as, or whatever works for you and your browser). If you end up using them, I’d like to hear about it.

Our B/X Landscape Character Sheet

Our B/X Landscape Character Sheet - Click on the sheet to download a PDF version

A shout-out also goes out to A Rust Monster Ate My Sword, who’s new B/X D&D Character Sheet posted on Friday last week reminded me that I hadn’t posted the PDF of this one yet.