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Geodesic Gnomes

Geodesic Gnomes

We just finished playing our fourth game of Geodesic Gnomes tonight, and one of the players is taking a copy of the game with him to a mini game convention tomorrow. The game is holding up admirably under repeated play, although we have noted that especially for new players it needs more examples of Major Hardware and Minor Junk to pick from besides what we’ve run into during play.

The other place where the game can use some expansion is in character generation – offering some variation in ability scores before Talents are rolled for and providing a larger selection of Talents. All of these items (chargen improvements and equipment) sound like a perfect excuse to write up the Geodesic Gnomes Player’s Guide.

In the meantime, I’ve added a new version of the Geodesic Gnomes PDF to the site. This version omits the grey page background for less ink-consuming printing. For best results in printing this booklet, set the print dialog in Adobe Acrobat to “Booklet Printing” and set the page range from pages 1-24 (ignoring the OGL on page 25, since you don’t need that to play the game). This results in a nice booklet format that only takes six pages of paper to print out and that you can staple (saddle-stitch) to hold it together. The next thing I’ll have to do is produce a higher quality front and back cover PDF to print on cardstock.