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Kjeldoran Dead, image copyright Wizards of the Coast

Kjeldoran Dead, image copyright Wizards of the Coast

I was invited out to check out a d20 fantasy game the other night with one of my regular players. I had the night off and it coincided with when he runs his Eberron campaign, so I took him up on the invite and took the role of a gun-toting goblin guide for the evening. The game was a lot of fun, but unlike any of my groups, this group used battlemats (actually mostly the Paizo flip-mats) and tokens (not miniatures).

But some of the tokens looked really REALLY familiar.

Turns out the DM had bought a 1″ square hole punch at a craft store and had attacked his old Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft, Vampire and other Collector Card Game collections with said hole punch and made a thousand or so counters for his game. Horde of skeletons? No problem, they were all from magic cards (I recognized a few of the old ice age skeletal types in the horde that attacked us).

Personally, I didn’t even know that anyone even made a 1 inch square hole punch. Supposedly they also make inch and a half, and 1 inch circular ones, but he couldn’t find a 2 inch square punch for making Huge size badguys.

So after the game I went home and dug around through all the various card packs I had received for a variety of failed CCGs as freebies at various GenCons over the years and have a pile of them to give him at our next Street Fighter game. With one $15 purchase at the craft store, he’s managed to turn all these crappy old CCGs into something pretty cool.