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Toon from Steve Jackson Games

Toon from Steve Jackson Games

Toon was designed to be a light-hearted RPG of cartoon zaniness published by Steve Jackson Games and written by Greg Costikan back in 1984… a mere 25 years ago. The whole game fits into 64 pages and introduced many players I’ve met to rules-light “make it up as you go along” role-playing.

However, whenever I played Toon (all of two games, about eight sessions total), it played out as the RPG of surreal drug-induced hallucinations. It probably didn’t help that I was playing with two amateur illustrators and what only could be described as a professional drug-consumer.

The game also was my introduction to the word Chutzpah, which is one of the stats in the game. Thanks Greg.

In the classic genre of the games I played in, if not that of the original intent of the game, I’m going to try to create a character that would have fit in with the surreal groups of toons we used to create.

The first part of character creation is to pick what you want to be… reading the list of examples there’s a mouse, a moose, a rabbit, a robot, a toaster… a toaster. A Toaster! So there we go, we’ll have Donnie Crisp, the Toasted Toaster. Then it’s time to spend those points on the four stats – Muscles, Zip, Smarts and of course Chutzpah. For some reason, in a stoner game of Toon, Chutzpah seems to be the most important stat. I don’t see the toasted toaster as exceptionally quick, so I’m keeping Zip and Smarts down, with a fair bit of Muscles and Chutzpah. Actually, I’m suddenly reminded of the Toaster from Red Dwarf, and decide that Donnie Crisp has sudden moments of extreme lucidity and thus Smarts.

Hit points is a quick 1d6+6 (10 – our toaster IS chrome-plated after all). Then we have to define his enemies (bread hates him, even though all he wants to do is help bread discover its true potential, and he hates forks, because people use them to pry things out of him), beliefs (toast!), goals (would you like some toast?) and possessions (bread, and a fork that he keeps in a very secure bag, safe for the time being). And it’s time to set out with the pot-smoking spaceman lizard and explore the outer edges of the universe and the strange dens of iniquity to be found there.

Donnie Crisp, the Toasted Toaster

Muscles: 2
Zip: 2
Smarts: 5
Chutzpah: 5

Hit Points: 10

Natural Enemies:

  • Forks
  • Bread


  • Bread is for toasting.
  • Bagels are for toasting.
  • Waffles are for toasting.
  • Poptarts are for toasting.
  • Toast – it’s not just for breakfast.
  • Children are for electrocuting.


  • Would you like some toast?
  • Find out how to get toasted myself.


  • Loaf of bread
  • Fork
  • Lots and lots of crumbs (mostly burnt)
  • Crack-pipe
  • Strawberry poptarts
  • Encyclopedia Set
simple clothes, flint and tinder, a waterskin, a blanket and a backpack or satchel