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A Character For Every Game

A Character For Every Game

We aren’t quite at post #150 yet for the blog (that will be on Wednesday), but here we are, six months into the blog’s life with nearly 150 posts. I started this blog to catalog my effort to make characters for every RPG in my extensive collection – but somewhere along the way it began to morph into an opportunity to discuss my favourite games and to provide new material, house rules, and cool maps for the games I love.

So, for this week’s Sunday Top 5 list, I’m going to aim you at some of my best posts over the past six months – mostly by what posts are most popular, but also a few that I’m most proud of.

Top Downloads

The Charmed Grotto

More than just a one page dungeon, the Charmed Grotto is a full adventure for characters levels 5-7. It features what is probably the best looking map I’ve done so far on the site, and everything I want in an old-school adventure – including rumours, wandering monsters, a secret room, a mystery, and a variety of opponents at various power levels. A 7 page PDF download.

Geodesic Gnomes

My 24 hour RPG. A cyberpunk-styled high tech low life RPG where the players are the absolute low life of humanity – living in the walls of the domes that protect our cities from the hostile world outside. We’ve played 5 games of it now, and two other groups have played it and loved it. It comes with a character sheet, first adventure, and full character creation and advancement rules (as well as a fun equipment system).

Top Non-Character Posts

Five Surreal RPGs that Have Me Hooked

There is no genre more underplayed than psycho-surreal role-playing. From the strange streets of Al-Amarja in Over The Edge and the subconscious Eastern European cityscapes of Lacuna Part 1 to the truly surreal experience of playing Toon with drug-addled friends and sitting around telling tall tales with the Baron Munchausen himself… This explains what role-playing can be like if you play a little more oddly than normal.

How To Host A Dungeon – Kuo-Toa and Other Muck Dwellers

Do you like side-view dungeon maps? Mega-dungeons? Solo games? Check out How To Host A Dungeon – a game about watching a dungeon environment evolve through the ages. And while you are at it, make the game wetter with the addition of the Kuo Toa in my author-endorsed house rules expansion for the game.

Mapper’s Challenge

I lied when I said that the map in the Charmed Grotto is my best one on the site. This one is. It’s intensely complex – a warren of caves, fortresses, chambers, caverns, and an underground river. This is a map designed to give your mapper spasms and issues. It started as a challenge to make a full-page map that was ornate, intricate and complex. I think it delivers.

And, as a footnote, here are the 5 most popular of the “Character Posts” on the site:

5. [Top Secret/SI] John Holmes, Porn Star & Secret Agent – This one draws the hits because of the name and title. I’m sure there are more than a few surfers who wonder how the heck they ended up at an RPG blog when searching for John Holmes, Porn Star. I decided on the title because of the success of the #1 character on the list…

4. [Starships & Spacemen] Mr “Terror” Gessek – I don’t get the popularity of this one… It’s a character for an odd-ball star-trek rip-off RPG from the bottom tier RPGs released by FGU. And yet it has 25% more hits than the #6 character post.

3. [Tunnels & Trolls] Ellurian Skywatcher, Minotaur Diplomat – This goes to show there is still a lot of love for Tunnels & Trolls out there. This character even got a comment from none other than the author of the game.

2. [Superworld] Tendriculous Rex – Superworld is a strange and usually forgotten supers RPG from Chaosium using the BRP system. This article gets the hits because of who I made Tendriculous Rex’s secret identity – Jared Sorensen of Momento Mori Theatrics.

1. [Hot Chicks] Susan “Swan” Gygax, Psychic Lingerie Model – I admit I cheated and used everything I could in the title to draw hits, and it worked. This character for the (ultra-cheezy) Hot Chicks RPG has drawn over 50% more hits than the #3 entry on the list, and is head and shoulders above #2.