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Goblin Gully - Side View Map

Goblin Gully - Side View

Just because it is in a level one module doesn’t mean you can deal with it.

That is the theme of Goblin Gully. This level 1 quick dungeon crawl should either leave the player characters running scared, dead, or cleverly locking the door behind them and trying to figure out how to make sure no one else opens the door once they’ve left.

This is the first time I’ve done a full dungeon using only a side-view map. I love side-view maps partially because they remind me of the old days of D&D – you don’t see a lot of these maps in modern modules. However, normally you take the side view map and use it to illustrate how the top view maps link together. In this case, I didn’t even bother with a standard top view at all. Everything you need is nicely shown on the side view.

The one page dungeon PDF can be downloaded here. It was written for a level 1-2 B/X or Labyrinth Lord party, typically to be used as a first or second adventure. The final “encounter” in the dungeon is something way out of the starting party’s league – but they should be able to escape it without too much danger (except to the town if they fail to confine the creature as they escape).

And of course, here’s the map on it’s own in case you don’t want to use the module.

Goblin Gully - Side View Map

Goblin Gully - Side View Map (right click to download the PDF)