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Character Folder, First Page

Character Folder, First Page

Last month I posted my hand-crafted Basic Dungeons & Dragons character sheet. What triggered the creation of that sheet was the idea of building a character sheet in landscape instead of portrait format, and I was quite happy with the results.

But now I’m poking around with other design alternatives, including working on index-card sheets and a 3-panel pamphlet sheet. The first step in the redesign of my sheet however is based on a frequent comment I got about the landscape sheet – why not make it a digest-sized folder instead of a landscape sheet?

So today, just over a month later, I unveil the latest Dyson Logos production – the B/X Character Folder.

Because it is a Basic character sheet, there really isn’t a lot of additional material needed on the sheet proper to push it from a single side of paper to a two-sided design. In the end, I ended up leaving a majority of the internal sections blank, like in the old AD&D1e Permanent Character Folder where it was assumed that you would label the various sections as needed.

You can download the 3 meg PDF (sorry, but as a hand-tooled masterwork character sheet, it is entirely graphical and thus a fairly large file) by using one of the three following links:

The “without lines” versions get rid of all the lines to write information on, leaving you with nice blank boxes to work with so you can use whatever size hand writing you want.

And if you are playing a level 1 fighter, and don’t need a full folder for background information and so on? Print out the without lines version but only the first page, on both sides of the paper. Then cut the two sides apart and you end up with two half-sized character sheets, double sided.

Don’t forget, I’m also running a poll to see what format of character sheet you prefer – and maybe I’ll try my hand at the format you prefer next.

D&D Character Folder - Outside Pages

D&D Character Folder (with lines) - Outside Pages

Dungeons & Dragons Character Folder - Inside Pages

D&D Character Folder (with lines) - Inside Pages