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Fort Tenras, Ground Level

Fort Tenras, Ground Level

An old fortress on the steep face of a mountain, Fort Tenras has been abandoned since it fell in a siege by Stone Giant raiders roughly a hundred years ago. Once the stone giants were destroyed, kingdom controlling the fort expanded beyond it, and it became a ruin perched up on a crag overlooking the Tenras Pass.

The perfect place for a few critters to set up shop and start interfering with shipping again, and for some brave characters to go in order to put things to right again.

This map was fun to draw – I haven’t tried my hand at a fortress before. However, while it has some of the feel of a fantasy fortress, on review it looks nothing like a real-world fortress. I should study up on real world castles and fortresses and try my hand at it again.

The main structure of the fort is 10 feet tall – the walls and surviving elements of the gatehouse. It is made of stone and masonry, with massive iron-wrapped hardwood doors that stand to this day as silent witness to the trade in Tenras Pass. The battlements along the tops of the walls and gatehouse have long since collapsed (mostly having been destroyed by the giants in their raid).

Fort Tenras, Ground Level

Fort Tenras, Ground Level

Area 1 – Main Entranceway – the doors are still barred and the arrowslit from area 2 is still functional.

Area 2 – South Gatehouse – Collapsed stairs used to lead to the roof here. An arrowslit faces into area 1.

Area 3 – North Gatehouse – This building has been mostly destroyed and a large apple tree is now growing in the main defensive wall. The apples attract mountain goats and sometimes other creatures looking for free food.

Area 4 – Stables – These brick and masonry stables are still standing, although the thatch roof is long missing and the softwood supports for it are mostly rotted away.

Area 5 – North Keep – Stairs lead up to the upper level.

Area 6 – South Keep – Stairs lead up to the upper level.

Fort Tenras, Upper Level

Fort Tenras, Upper Level

Area 21 – Upper Gatehouse – These areas were all once open to troops and protected by battlements. With the stairs in both gatehouses destroyed, there is no easy way up here, and the ruined battlements are mute testament to the destructive power of the stone giants. This area is 10 feet above the ground level, and 5 feet below the rest of this level.

Area 22 – North Keep

Area 23 – Battlement Bridge – linking both keeps

Area 24 – South Keep

Area 25 – South Watch

Area 26 – North Watch