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With the number of people who have started linking to my older hand-drawn B/X character sheet, I realized it was time to start organizing the site a bit better.

I’ve updated the post everyone is linking to so it includes links to the related articles (the new character sheet designs as well as the Labyrinth Lord version of the one they keep linking to). I’ve also finally gotten around to updating the Downloads & Games page so it links to all the one-page dungeons I’ve posted over the last while. Unrelated to Labyrinth Lord and B/X, I also updated the Characters page after nearly a month of letting it fall behind.

The update to the Downloads page has triggered two things.

  • The first is a desire to finally finish the 1.1 update of Adventures in the New Kingdoms so I can post that instead of the current edition which includes a few entirely blank booklets that I’ve fleshed out a bit in the new edition.
  • The second is wondering if I should compile the other maps I’ve drawn into their own PDFs so they get linked to from the Downloads & Games page. As it stands some of my best maps including the Lair of the Frogs and the Necromancer’s Garden aren’t there because they are completely unstocked, and even a few that I stocked aren’t there because I didn’t think they were detailed enough to warrant making a one page dungeon out of them (like the Hall of Challenges and Fort Tenras).

So, maybe I’ll make those new PDFs and post them soon, or maybe I’ll let those particular maps remain a surprise for those who take the time to search through the maps archives.