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deadEarth - the deadliest game to date for this blog

deadEarth - the deadliest game to date for this blog

So, yesterday deadEarth proved its claim of being one of the deadliest RPGs out there by killing my character (Traveller style) before I was finished generating him/her/it.

Well, the game says we get three tries and have to take the best of the three. So it is time to try again and see what happens, because I obviously can’t use poor old Rikky the beautiful eunuch butler as my character.

And we’re on to round 2.

Again, I start by rolling for Moves (9), Resliency (5) and not rolling for Strength (0) before determining the character’s age with d100. Well, if the d100 ever comes up between 16 and 60…

A roll of 10 on the age table gives me a “roll again and add 50 skill points”. The reroll of 06 gives me the same thing (so I’m up to 100 bonus skill points!). 85 is… roll again and subtract 100 skill points (so I might as well have just skipped those three first rolls and just rolled a…). 25 on the next reroll makes our character 25 years old – giving him or her 260+d6x10 Skill Points (270), and 1d6 Radiations with no ability score modifiers.

Height is rolled to be 74 inches (just like poor dead Rikky) with a weight multiplier of x2 (so 148 pounds). Which grants +2 Moves and -1 Strength and Resilience. Great… -1 Strength total means the character can barely carry his own weight, let alone any gear. That 1d6 I get to throw around? Yeah, same as last time, straight into Moves. But a roll of 2 isn’t all that impressive… probably should have gone for the skill points instead.

Now back to the pain of Skill Points. But first it is time to roll 2d6 100 times to find my natural abilities and inabilities. This time I get natural abilities in Beast Handling, Chemistry, Spot Trap, Tracking, and WS Blade Paired as well as natural inabilities in Bemuse, Drive Boat and Pioneering. With his strengths in Spot Trap and Tracking, we’re looking at a pretty sweet outdoorsy type. Of course, to actually GET spot trap, he needs Search at 4d6, which in turn needs Senses at 4d6. I’m not even looking at his Weapon Skill Blade Paired – unlike most skills, that needs a 6d6 prerequisite in WS Blade, way too rich for a kid with only 270 skill points.

In the end all he can afford is Senses 5d6, Search 4d6, Spot Traps 5d6, Stealth 5d6 and Tracking 4d6. Freddy is definitely going to be a lot more of a hider than a fighter.

And it is time for the deadly part – Radiations. A high roll on the 1d6 for number of radiations gives me 5. 5 more chances to kill off another character. And of course, the dice don’t fail me.

549 – Horror – Physical appearance rivals Diablo. Anyone coming in contact for the first time must roll Diff 15 Resolve. If they fail, they perform all actions at -2d6 while in my presence. (Nice, Freddy might not be a fighter, but he’s scary as all hell).

888 – Jinxed – Add Mutation 115 to your list, and add 2d6 natural inabilities. (I roll 6 for the number of natural inabilities and then roll 1d100 for each one on the skill list… and get Electronics, Engineering, Intimidate, Stealth, Drive Non-Motorized, and Senses… which sucks since I just sunk a bunch of skill points into Stealth and Senses. Now let’s go look up Mutation 115.)

115 – Unlucky – Use one distinguishable die in all rolls. If it rolls a 1, subtract it and your highest die from the roll, and roll it again. If you roll a 1 again, something horrible happens. (Great….)

360 – Outnumbered – You will surrender whenever involved in combat where your opponents outnumber your allies. You can make no offensive actions when outnumbered. (Brilliant! This guy is USELESS!)

020 – Decapitation – Radiation blows your head off. Take 10d6 damage to the head ( I roll 41 damage – if I am generous ad allow resiliency to stop as much as it can, that’s still 37 damage to a hit location that has 4 hit points… and poof, character number two has died).

And there we have Headless Fred, the sneaky surrender-monkey! Tomorrow we’ll try one more time to see if I can get a character to survive the chargen process.

Headless Fred, the sneaky surrender-monkey

Age: 25
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 148 lbs

Moves: 12
Resiliency: 4
Strength: -1

Acrobatics 2d6
+ Beast Handling 0d6
Beast Lore 2d6
Beast Ride 2d6
– Bemuse 0d6
Biology 2d6
Brawling 2d6
Charisma 2d6
+ Chemistry 0d6
Climbing 2d6
Computer Operations 2d6
Domestics 2d6
Drive Automobile 2d6
– Drive Boat 2d6
Drive Cart 2d6
Drive Heavy Machine 2d6
– Drive Non-Motorized 2d6
Drive Railed 2d6
Drive Recreational 2d6
Drive Sailcar 2d6
Drive Tracked 2d6
– Electronics 0d6
– Engineering 0d6
Escape 2d6
First Aid 2d6
Forgery 2d6
Guile 2d6
Herb Lore 2d6
– Intimidate 0d6
Jimmy Lock 2d6
Jury Rig 2d6
Math 2d6
Memory 2d6
Metallurgy 2d6
Navigate 2d6
– Pioneering 2d6
Running 2d6
Search 4d6
– Senses 5d6
Sensors 2d6
+ Spot Trap 5d6
– Stealth 5d6
Swimming 2d6
+ Tracking 4d6
Trapping / Fishing 2d6
Weight Training 2d6
Wrestling 2d6
WS Ballista 2d6
WS Blade 2d6
+ WS Blade Paired 0d6
WS Handgun 2d6
WS Melee 2d6
WS Missile 2d6
WS Paired 2d6
WS Rifle 2d6
WS Shield 2d6
WS Thrown 2d6

Skill Points: 0

549 – Horror
888 – Jinxed
115 – Unlucky
360 – Outnumbered
020 – Decapitation