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The Dungeons of Flint Castle

The Dungeons of Flint Castle

Quite often in various games I’ve had reason to either adventure into the actual prison-style dungeon of a castle, or to suddenly find a character stuck there on a “temporary” basis.

So this week’s map, taking a break from the deadEarth insanity of the past three days, is of one such dungeon.

The dungeon in question is a “dedicated” dungeon. Not a crawling expanse of corridors and chambers, but an established prison under the fortified home of the local ruler and government. However, it wouldn’t take much to use this map as the same thing but under a ruined castle, and now occupied by whatever creatures have made it their home in the intervening years.

The full description of the map is below, or you can download it in a higher resolution PDF here.

The Dungeons of Flint Castle

The Dungeons of Flint Castle

1 – Entrance – The only official entrance to the dungeons is through this trap door. The door itself is set in the floor of the main barracks of the castle in order to monitor access to the dungeons and the prisoners. The stairs have two alcoves along them – the first of which typically has one guard in chainmail with a polearm while the second is only manned if there has been trouble recently or an important prisoner is being kept below.

2 – Stables Exit – This secret exit is unknown to the current staff (and owner) of the dungeon. The secret door is opened by a simple catch on the passage side, but a very well hidden catch right at the edge of wall and ceiling in the dungeon. The secret exit at the end of the passage opens into the hay storage of the castle’s stables.

3 – Prince’s Exit – This secret exit is only a secret from within the castle. It leads directly to the prince’s guardroom where his personal guards are on duty. It is used by the prince to access the dungeon without being seen by the normal guards and castle staff.

4 – Guardroom – These three rooms are the duty chambers for the dungeon guards. The main room is a common space used to eat and play games. The northern room is storage and a bed. The western room is a privy. There are between 2 and 5 guards here at any time in chainmail with short swords and polearms.

5 – Main Gaol – The nexus of the dungeon, this room is actually rarely in use except when interrogations are ongoing or prisoners are being brought in or out. A lot of old torture implements adorn the walls of the room but are never used. The gaoler (a level 3 thief in leather armor with a club) is usually asleep at a desk here. The west alcove contains a locked rack where guards stow their weapons in exchange for clubs before entering the dungeons proper in most cases.

6 – Interrogation Room – This bare and very clean room is where prisoners are interrogated or questioned, sometimes even by the prince himself.

7 – Standard Cells – These five 10 foot by 10 foot cells are used to hold one to three prisoners each. The doors are made of heavy metal bars.

8 – Common Cell – A large cell to hold groups of prisoners – typically the unwashed masses from the city above, escaped slaves and peasantry that have been dragged down here for whatever reason. The northeast corner of the room is 6 feet lower than the rest of the room and was meant to be used as an offal pit, but is the home of those who can’t hold their own against the other denizens of this cell.

9 – Solitary Cells – These two 7 foot by 7 foot cells with heavy oak doors have only a tiny barred window to see into them. They are meant for solitary confinement of dangerous criminals and enemies of the state.

10 – Large Cell – This 20 foot by 8 foot cell has good accommodations for prisoners of state and other “important guests”.

11 – Common Cell – This common cell ( like area 8 ) is only used for those prisoners expected to be left down here to die. It is usually empty.

(Download the PDF Here)