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Having just pulled out my DMG again for the Half-Orc I rolled up yesterday, I of course went over to page 192 to be once again greeted by Gary’s Random Harlot table, where I rolled up a Saucy Tart who knows valuable information, but who also happens to work with a thief.

What we need, I realized, is a home for these Slovenly trulls, Brazen strumpets, Cheap trollops, Typica streetwalkers, Saucy tarts, Wanton wenches, Expensive doxies, Haughty courtesans, Aged madams, Wealthy procuresses, Sly pimps, and Rich panderers.

That’s right. What we need are random houses of ill repute.

Because the d20 system has the most detail for this low-end business, I’ll base my first items around the rules there. Professionals make 6 to 7 gp a week (being Commoners with a +4 to +6 bonus at Profession (harlot) and taking 10 every week). The ones who aren’t very professional about it (fresh to the business and only took a single rank in the skill) make 5 gp or so. Madams of such houses, on the other hand, will probably be an ex-courtesan with levels of commoner and expert and a +10 or greater bonus at profession (harlot) or (madam) and thus earning 10-12 gp per week or more.

The price of a typical visit to a house of ill repute is about 3gp – modified by any special requests and the reputation, location, social class and services of the house itself.

To determine the name of the local house of ill repute, roll a d20 three times on table 1-1 and put the three elements in a row to determine the name.


Next we determine the particulars of the house of ill repute – namely the size of the house, the number of courtesans there, and the quality of the establishment (which will affect the base price). These are both rolled for on Table 1-2


Finally we need to determine if the house offers any specialties. These will increase the price if the customer wants to take advantage of the specialties. The chance of specialties being offered depends on the number of courtesans in the house, as larger houses can offer more variety. The chance of special services being offered is (20 + ( 3 x courtesans) ). In addition, there is a 5% chance that the house of ill repute only offers special services, and doesn’t offer the “standard” service around which the 3gp base cost has been set.