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Geodesic Gnomes

Geodesic Gnomes

“If you are looking for a cyberpunk roleplaying game with quite a twist of vodka, Geodesic Gnomes is for you.”

That’s right, my second attempt at a publishable RPG was reviewed over a week ago on the Free RPG Blog, and it got a great review. I mean, it starts out with the title “Nothing Says Raw Punk like Geodesic Gnomes” and says “Flavour upon depth upon detail gives Geodesic Gnomes a very distinct setting.”

The key lines in the review are about the tightness of the system and the texture of the setting. It finishes off with this overview:

Geodesic Gnomes is tighter than the suit you only wear for weddings and funerals. The system does not wear the setting like a serial killer might wear the skin of a victim but embraces it like an over affectionate grandmother. The setting is great and would stand up next to much larger games. If you think you’ve seen Cyberpunk done every possible way, think again. Well done, Dyson, it’s a marvellous game!

The only issues that come up in the review are the obvious ones – that my software didn’t let me compile all three pages into one PDF, and that the game would be helped out by some illustrations.

I’m pretty damn proud of Geodesic Gnomes (particularly that it includes a pretty solid adventure in a 24 hour game and that I managed to put together an equipment system that feels “right” for the game), and I’m glad to read that Rob Lang also got a kick out of it.

And if you haven’t read the game itself yet? It’s right here.