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deadEarth - We eat lightning and piss napalm.

deadEarth - We eat lightning and piss napalm.

Sure, I’ve already exhausted my three attempts to make a deadEarth character. But that was for the blog. Over on the rpg.net thread, I decided to take one more kick at the can, making characters for “another” game of deadEarth (as if I would ever find TWO different GMs sick enough to run this game).

Let’s pull out my best d6s for this run through the system.

I’ll call this one Ian Jackson, named after the writers of the original Fighting Fantasy novels. And the dice start to fly…
Moves: 10
Resilience: 8
Strength: 0

Age: 52 (ouch) (-7 moves, -3 Strength, -5 resiliency, 1160 skill points, 15 radiations)

Height: 60 inches (5’0”)
Weight: 180 lbs (+2 resiliency)

I’m grabbing my freebie roll as moves, to make him at least somewhat functional and get an awesome boost of +5.

So before rolling manipulations, I have a maximum carrying weight of zero. If I carry anything, my moves go down from 8 to 7.

I’ll actually use the web-based natural abilities and inabilities generator instead of rolling 2d6 one hundred times (thanks for pointing that out, whoever it was). And wow.
Natural Abilities: Boxing, Construction, Domestics, Hide, Hork, Running, Wrestling, WS Blade, WS Handgun
Natural Inabilities: Bemuse, Weapon Smithing

Seriously, if someone rolled those at the table I would be checking for loaded dice.

Except for the huge pile of radiation manipulations that are on their way to screw Ian over, he’s looking pretty set!

With that pile of skill points, Ian needs some decend Hide, Running and WS Handgun. Hide requires senses at 4d6, so I grab that first. I end up having fun buying up most of the prereqs so I have more skills than anyone else I’ve seen so far. Once I’ve spent about half my skill points I suddenly have Haggle, so I can actually ROLL THE DICE when it comes time to equip my character unlike all you suckers who get to roll 0d6 when trying to buy equipment before the game starts. He finishes off with a pile of decent skills (but nothing above 6d6… so nothing brutally good. I just couldn’t make myself specialize… he’s got a lot of 4d6 skills, so basic proficiency). But his high levels of Boxing, Running and Weight Training help bring his stats up.

And it’s time, ladies and gentlemen, for the d1000 of bullshit. Or in this case, 15 x d1000.

[1] (689) Upgrade – I can spend 20 skill points to remove a radiation and then roll for a new one to replace it. (binary)

[2] (929) Remuneration – Every time I add a radiation to my list, roll Haggle to gain skill points. Dif 36 = 40 points, 24 = 20 points, 15 = 10 points. (binary) (if I get 80 skill points, I’m immediately buying Haggle up to 6d6!)

[3] (010) Cunning – +1d6 Reason. (binary)
(Remuneration Roll = 18… 10 points)

[4] (083) Hercules – +4d6 Weight Training. (binary) (and brings my Strength up to 0!)
(Remuneration Roll = 15. 10 points)

[5] (075) Imprison – does nothing unless I also get (990) (and I’ll use my Upgrade to swap this out if that happens). (binary)
(Remuneration Roll = 26. 20 points)

[6] (080) Hawker – I win the game. I mean I get +1d6 Haggle. Fear my awesome haggling skills as I use them to haggle myself more skill points every time I roll on this table! (binary)
(Remuneration Roll = 19. 10 points)

[7] (500) Aneurysm – Roll 1d6 whenever I get stressed to see if I die. (binary)
(Remuneration Roll = 31. 20 points)

At this point I’m going to immediately use those 20 skill points to use Upgrade to remove Aneurysm and roll again. Getting…

[7] (300) Phenomenon – all skills increase by 3d6 for two weeks. After that I die (50%) or all skills are reduced by 5d6 (50%). (cumulative)
(Remuneration Roll (9d6!) = 30. 20 points)

I’ll use that Upgrade again… This time I get

[7] (079) Lead Coat – +10 shielding (cumulative)
(Remuneration Roll = 12 = 0 points)

[8] (013) Symbiote – Brilliant, I find a weird thingy that has attached itself to my groin. From now on, my groin is a critical area (so if it is shot off, I die), and whenever I roll for a radiation manipulation, I also roll for one for my Symbiote. And we both are affected by each other’s radiations. His name is Squishy, and he’s a slime mold from the depths of Arkasas that attached itself to my nether regions whil I was “testing” out a vacuum cleaner that it had been hiding in. If I remove this radiation or the symbiote, I die. I like Squishy because if I don’t, he’ll kill me, the little blighter. (binary)
(Remuneration Roll = 19. 10 points)

If I get rid of him using Upgrade, I die. So I guess I’m stuck with my little cock-fungus.

[9] (987) Radiation Perturbation – every radiation that has a number in the description (but not in cost or range) has that number increased or decreased (randomly) by 1d6. (temporary)

This is going to be fun. Let’s start at the top. I’m going to be fairly conservative on my rulings as to how this works. It has no effect on Upgrade, Remuneration’s numbers get all fucked up so it now reads:

[2] (929) Remuneration (revised) – Every time I add a radiation to my list, roll Haggle to gain skill points. Dif 31 = 43 points, Dif 29 = 21 points, Dif 9 = 14 points. (binary)

Cunning also takes a hit, while Hercules and Hawker both improve.

[3] (010) Cunning (revised) – +0d6 Reason. (binary)

[4] (083) Hercules (revised)– +5d6 Weight Training. (binary)

[6] (080) Hawker (revised)– +2d6 Haggle. (binary)

And finally my lead coat springs a few holes…

[7] (079) Lead Coat (revised) – +6 shielding (cumulative)
(Remuneration Roll = 23. 14 points)

And my crotch-fungus also gets a Radiation which I suffer the effects of, but don’t get to add to my personal list, so I don’t get Remuneration for it.

[9.2] (865) Radiation Augmentation – every time I roll on the radiation table, gain 1d6 to any skill. Max of +2d6 to any one skill this way. Sweeeeeeeet

[10] (329) Lycanthrope – When entering an intense situation there is a 1 in 3 chance that my inner beast emerges. +1d6 senses (also boosts initiative), can only fight hand to hand. I’ve got good boxing, I’ll go with this. (binary)
(Augmentation: Add 1d6 to Haggle)
(Remuneration Roll = 29. 21 points)

And one for the crotch-fungus (I’m going to say that I don’t get the Augmentation bonus for these rolls, as it’s not my character rolling on the table, it’s my fungus. I guess I could if I wanted to really break the character by giving him another 6 skill levels).

[10.2] (045) Radiation Desensitization – +2d6 shielding (+6). (cummulative)

[11] (531) Catlike – Climbing is a natural ability (binary) (please note that this aslo applies to my symbiote… the little slime-jerk is now a natural climber!)
(Augmentation: +1d6 to Haggle)
(Remuneration Roll = 22. 14 points)

[11.2] (301) Brilliant – Skills cost ½ to increase. Only starts after chargen is over. (binary) That’s right, my fungal friend boosts my skills, is shielded and brilliant!)

[12] (094) Made To Suffer – All skills are natural inabilities. (cumulative)
(Augmentation: +1d6 Weight Training)
(Remuneration Roll = 36. 43 points!)

I’ll immediately spend 20 of those to get rid of Made to Suffer and get something else, getting instead:

[12] (181) Mule – Double Carrying Capacity (binary)
(Augmentation: +1d6 Boxing)
(Remuneration: 38. 43 points)

[12.2] (945) Insolence – Detest authority. +1d6 Guile (cumulative)

[13] (876) Counterfeit – +d6 guile and outright lie. (cumulative)
(Augmentation: +1d6 Boxing)
(Remuneration: 36. 43 points)

[13.2] (855) Fruits of Labor
– +1 to either Strength, Resiliency or Moves for every skill greater than 6d6. Awesomesauce. +1 Moves, +2 Strength (binary)

[14] (671) Community – Roll again and add it to my list. The next 3 people I contact also gain this radiation. Remove Community once the three people have gained the radiation.
(Augmentation: +1d6 WS Handgun)
(Remuneration: 22. 14 points)

[14 Again] (562) Morbid Relic – Gain 1 renown for each relic I carry from each of my victims (1 per victim max). My crew of friends will all be lugging around bits and pieces of our enemies. What’s terrifying is that my crotch-fungus can also do this… and the next 3 people IT comes into contact with also gain the ability… That’s right, you WANT to touch my crotch-fungus!
(Augmentation: +1d6 WS Handgun)
(Remuneration: 36. 43 points)

[14.2] (652) Extra Limb – I grow an extra limb. I’ll go with a third arm. Although I really am concerned about what the crotch-fungus is going to do with this. It now has an arm of it’s own!

[15] (506) Off-Guard – minus 10 initiative.
(Augmentation: +1d6 senses)
(Remuneration: 40. 43 points)

I’m going to spend 20 points again to swap that out…

[15] (541) Rite of Passage – For every skill advaced to 6d6 or higher, gain a permanent +1 on all rolls. (binary). After all is said and done, that’s a +9 bonus on ALL die rolls, including my Remuneration rolls. Kick ass.
(Augmentation: +1d6 senses)
(Remuneration: 33. 21 points)

[15.2] (132) Hyperactive – +2 moves. That’s right, my crotch fungus is hyperactive.

I think I just won the game.

Ian Jackson, Crotch-Fungus GOD of deadEarth
(and his hyperactive, insolent and brilliant one-armed crotch-fungus!)
Age: 52

Moves: 14
Resiliency: 6
Strength: +3

Height: 5’0”
Weight: 180 lbs
Carrying Weight: 120 lbs
Shielding: 12

Skill Points: 299

Acrobatics 2d6
Appraise 4d6
Beast Lore 2d6
Beast Ride 2d6
– Bemuse 2d6
Biology 2d6
+ Boxing 8d6
Brawling 4d6
Charisma 4d6
+ Climbing 2d6
Command 4d6
Computer Operations 2d6
+ Construction 0d6
+ Domestics 2d6
Drive Automobile 2d6
Drive Boat 2d6
Drive Cart 2d6
Drive Heavy Machine 2d6
Drive Non Motorized 2d6
Drive Railed 2d6
Drive Recreational 2d6
Drive Sailcar 2d6
Drive Tracked 2d6
Escape 2d6
First Aid 2d6
Forgery 2d6
Gamble 2d6
Guile 6d6
Haggle 9d6
Herb Lore 2d6
+ Hide 4d6
+ Hork 4d6
Intimidate 4d6
Intuition 4d6
Jimmy Lock 2d6
Jury Rig 2d6
Martial Arts 2d6
Math 4d6
Memory 4d6
Metallurgy 2d6
Navigate 2d6
Outright Lie 6d6
Pioneering 2d6
Reason 4d6
Resolve 6d6
+ Running 6d6
Senses 6d6
Search 4d6
Sensors 2d6
Spot Trap 2d6
Stealth 4d6
Streetwise 4d6
Swimming 2d6
Tracking 2d6
Trapping / Fishing 2d6
– Weapon Smithing 0d6
Weight Training 10d6
+ Wrestling 2d6
WS Ballista 2d6
+ WS Blade 4d6
+ WS Handgun 7d6
WS Melee 2d6
WS Missile 2d6
WS Rifle 2d6
WS Shield 2d6
WS Thrown 2d6