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They key abilities of an Agon character are 4 sets of abilities or skills, divided into four different headers. When making a character they all begin at 1d6, but within a group you can lower one or two to 1d4 and raise the same number to 1d8.

For this part of the Agon Cyberpunk hack, I’ve stuck pretty close to the Shadowrun hack written by the author of the game.

The four primary areas of skills in Agon are Arete, Craft, Sport and Battle.

In AGON ex Machina I’ve gone with “Core, Hack, Ops and Fighting”.

For the “Core” abilities, I specifically chose names for stats that reflect the CyberPunk 2020 game, to help get the players into the feel of the game. Thus Insight becomes Awareness, Grace becomes Reflexes, and Spirit becomes Cool.

I’ve also purposefully left some overlap between the various abilities to encourage interesting challenges. Obviously there are multiple ways to open a locked door (smashing it down, hacking the lock code, or tampering with the lock mechanism), but I extended it to the combat abilities also where each Fighting stat encompasses not a weapon or weapon class, but at what range the weapons are used.

Core Abilities
Awareness = Insight
Reflexes = Grace
Body = Might
Cool = Spirit

Hack Abilities
Credibility = Orate (Social Hacking)
Hacking = Electronic Hacking
Medtech = Heal (Body Hacking)
Tech = Hardware Hacking

Ops Abilities
Athletics = Athletics
Contacts = Lore
Stealth = Cunning
Martial Arts = Hand to Hand

Fighting Abilities
Firefight = Mid-range combat (2-5)
Support = Long-range (5+)
Close Combat = Short-range (1-2)
Evasion = Defense

Then we get to a section where CyberPunk offers a lot more options than Agon – weapons and armor. In Agon you have very few weapons to choose from – Sword, Shield, Javelin, Spear, and Bow. Ask any CyberPunk player about weapons and odds are you will get to hear all about the plethora of interesting chunks of lethal offensive hardware they’ve handled in-game.

In converting the weapons here, I took a few pointers from the weapons used in the modern-era DAGON hack, but tweaked them a little for my own sensibilities and after a discussion with another veteran CyberPunk and gun nut.

Sniper Rifle | 1d10 | Range: 6 | 2 hands
Rifle | 1d8+1 | Range: 5-6 | 2 hands
Assault Rifle | 2d8 | Range 5-6 | 2 hands
Submachine Gun | 2d6 | Range 2-4 | 1 hand
Machine Pistol | 2d6 | Range 2 | 1 hand
Handcannon | 1d8 | Range 2 | 1 hand
Shotgun or Flamethrower | 2d6 | Range 1 | 2 hands

Tomorrow I’m going to take a break from conversions, load up “Pimp My Gun” and make weapon cards for the various guns on the list above.