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Today I’m taking a break from the conversion work involved in AGON ex Machina to have some fun with the awesome “Pimp My Gun” web application to make some models of the firearms described in my previous post.

While the game itself uses generic terms to describe firearms in game terms (handcannon, support weapon, etc), an important element of the Cyberpunk genre is to splatter everything with brand names. So here are some sample “branded” firearms.

Close Range Weapons


These include stubby shotguns (is there any other kind in a violent future RPG?), flamers, and anything else that packs a whollop at point blank range. They are all statted the same, with 2d6 that can be used either both for attacking or one to defend and one to attack, have a range of 1 and use both hands. From the top they are the Gorvold D19 Riot Gun, the Inquisitor Personal Flamer, and the Remington “New Jersey”. The Gorvold is a standard police and riot-control weapon, not seen too often in the hands of street punks. Unfortunately the New Jersey and the Inquisitor far too often hit the streets in the hands of punks, miscreants and hoodlums.

Machine Pistols


This is for close range automatic weapons that are handled with one hand. Small PDWs are the rule of the day here, able to deliver a lethal hail of lead but only at short ranges. The Czech Republic’s CZ-ZSU-9e (top-most) is sold primarily as a self-defense weapon to the North American market and is often seen in executive briefcases as well as glove compartments. The Vanguard Machine Pistol (centre) is considered to be the most “hip” of the one-handed PDWs due to aggressive promotion and sleek lines, making it a depressingly common weapon in the hands of those interested in the latest styles. Finally the Browning 8mm at the bottom is an older model, well-respected as a security sidearm and with a history of reliable service.

And there are more. In total I’ve statted up 16 firearms for AGON ex Machina and posted them in PDF form on my Scribd account.