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There are three basic steps to chargen before you select your abilities in Agon. Here I’ve adapted the Name, Trait and God mechanics to AGON ex Machina.

Your Name
The first thing needed is the character’s name. You have two options most characters have a name and a nickname that helps identify them (Jimmy the Roach, Two-Tone Johnny, Billy and his Smartgun, Molly Razorgirl), while some characters are already so immersed in the street that they are only known by their street nickname (The Roach, Two-Tone, Smartgunner, Razorgirl). If you have a name and nickname, then you have a name die of d6 and a starting Fate of 0. If you have already lost your name to the street, then you have a name die of d8 and a starting Fate of 8.

The punks that pull themselves out of the gutters and start to earn a name for themselves always have something that sets them apart. Something that makes them special. Each character picks two traits from the following list, and then explains how they get them. Some of the traits have suggestions. Typically this has something to do with the character’s background and special training, cybernetic enhancements, or personality. A character cannot take the same trait twice. Often one or both of these traits will end up reflected in the character’s nickname.

+2 to Awareness rolls – Paranoia, Enhanced optics
+2 to Reflexes rolls – Wired reflexes, Enhanced nervous system
+2 to Body rolls – Grafted muscle, Bone replacement
+2 to Cool rolls – Slicker than grease, Endorphin boosters
+2 to Credibility rolls – Famous rocker, Big time media
+2 to Hacking rolls – Interface plugs
+2 to Medtech rolls – Trauma Team!
+2 to Technical rolls – Jury rigging, Toolkit Cyberhand
+2 to Athletics rolls – Enhanced musculature, Adrenaline booster
+2 to Contacts rolls – Dataterm linkup, Implanted cellphone
+2 to Stealth rolls – Coolsuit, Sneaky, Camoskins

+1 Range for short-range weapons (weapons with ranges up to 2) – Skillchip, Combat Crystal
+1 Range for long-range weapons (weapons with ranges over 2) – Skillchip, Targeting Optic

+1 damage to machines
+1 damage to the man
+1 damage to streetscum
+1 damage to cyborgs

+2 to positioning roll when fighting machines
+2 to positioning roll when fighting the man
+2 to positioning roll when fighting streetscum
+2 to positioning roll when fighting cyborgs
+2 to positioning roll when fighting inside
+2 to positioning roll when fighting outside
+2 to positioning roll in bright conditions
+2 to positioning roll in dim conditions
+2 to positioning roll in dark conditions

Origin / Allegiance
Next we choose the primary source of the character’s hardware, toys and mojo. This will change the flavour of your toys, but not their effects. A japanese cybersamurai’s mono-edged katana isn’t much different in killing ability from the high-tech low-life rigging shotgun shells into his pipewrench. Of course, the challenge is now to detail a dozen or so corporations and what three abilities each corporation uses.