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A note to new visitors: I started the Mapping Challenge in October of 2009 and completed it slightly more than a year later. The entire collection of over 100 geomorphs is now kept on the Geomorphs page, along with links to many other blogs that have picked up the geomorph obsession from me and are now producing geomorphs of their own that mesh with mine.

One of my projects is to finish off a deluxe random dungeon generating system for any dungeon-delving based RPG like D&D, Tunnels and Trolls and so on. But one of the elements I’m using to distinguish it from some of the other random mappers out there is the use of geomorphs. Occasionally the tables will call for you to place a geomorph from the book onto the map – thus allowing for some interesting floor plans that probably couldn’t be generated by a standard random generator.

But to get this finished, I need a lot of geomorphs to put in said product. And the geomorphs have to be fairly small, since they will be inserted into existing maps. So my challenge to myself for the next three months is to draw up a 100′ x 100′ dungeon geomorph every day, six per week, and then compile that week’s geomorphs into a single page PDF release every Friday as my Friday Map.

Geomorph 1-a

Geomorph 1-a