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A note to new visitors:

You have stumbled across an old post from my blog.

I started the Mapping Challenge in October of 2009 and completed it slightly more than a year later. The entire collection of over 100 geomorphs is now kept on the Geomorphs page, along with links to many other blogs that have picked up the geomorph obsession from me and are now producing geomorphs of their own that mesh with mine.

This week was the first of my Mapping Challenge weeks. The theme of the six geomorphs I drew was supposed to be “dungeon – cavern interfaces” but a few of the geomorphs didn’t quite live up to the interface part. They had dungeons and caverns, but the two rarely made contact.

Anyways – the results of week 1 are here: Six 100′ x 100′ geomorphs with 8 entrances each.

Geomorph Set 1

Geomorph Set 1