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This is the second post in the old character sheets of Thuffir IronHelm, my game-hopping dwarf, converted to BECMI D&D.

Thuffir was a character that I really “got into” playing. His swashbuckling style that he aquired after about level 3 helped him stand apart from the rest of the characters he was commonly adventuring with, and the fact that I played a thief who wasn’t about stealing from the other party members but about being useful and having fun with them instead of against them made him a popular addition to many games. It got to the point that I had a bunch of sayings that I would pull out whenever playing Thuffir that I made sure never to use with any other character, to help get the point home that Thuffir wasn’t my only character.

But Thuffir IronHelm was a major influence on my gaming style. While I enjoyed roguely characters before, it was with Thuffir that I learned to love them. Unfortunately, some RPG systems didn’t support Thuffir mechanically the way he was meant to be played, and he found himself playing a somewhat different role in some games when he was “visiting”.

This particular version of Thuffir was converted from the original character when he was around level 5/6 for use in a BECMI D&D campaign where he was a visitor (before he had his trademark crystal axe, the Spirit of Ko-Gi). The DM (Jim) had some issues converting him (which I understand, he is a violation of many of the concepts of that game), but did a decent job of it – making him a level 7 dwarf and using skills to simulate a few of his thiefing abilities. In the end Thuffir remained the same in personality, if somewhat reduced in ability while adventuring back in time in the ancient days of Blackmoor. Just the fact that a battle axe is a two-handed weapon in this edition of the game changed his combat style, but his additional weapon skill was a lot of fun to take advantage of when I had the occasion to play him (about four times as I recall and based on notes on his character sheet, gradually bringing him up to level 8). He even included an amulet to simulate Thuffir’s psionic abilities.

During his adventures in Blackmoor he lost his bandoleer of throwing daggers (that he had since level 2) but picked up a heavy crossbow made to look like a massive silver raven that fired bolts from it’s open beak.

Unfortunately, Thuffir never went up against the Temple of the Frog, as I would have been glad to add a few technological toys to his armory before I imported him into third edition.

Thuffir IronHelm
Class: Dwarf
Level: 8
XP: 153,500
Alignment: Neutral

Strength: 17 (+2 attack, damage & opening doors)
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 15 (+1 vs spells)
Dexterity: 13 (18) (+3 to hit, -3 AC)
Constitution: 17 (+2 hp/level)
Charisma: 14 (+1 reaction)

Hit Points: 51
Armor Class: -1

Saving Throws
Death Ray or Poison: 4
Magic Wands: 5
Paralysis / Turn to Stone: 6
Dragon Breath: 7
Rod/Staff/Spell: 6

Special Abilities
Infravision 60′
Detect stonework traps, secret doors & new construction – 1-2 in 6

Weapon Proficiencies
All Weapons: Basic Mastery
Battle Axe: Expert Mastery
Primary / Secondary Foe: M/H
To Hit: +4 / +2
Damage: 1d8+4
Thrown: 0 / 5′ / 10′
Defense: M: -3 AC versus 2 attacks per round
Special Effects: Delay (save vs paralysis or lose initiative next round)

Stealth (Urban) (13) [17]
Stealth (Underground) (13) [17]
Persuasion (14)
Healing (10)
Acrobatics (13)

Languages: Common, Dwarven, Gnomish, Goblin, Kobold

Equipment of Note

  • Iron Armbands of the Emperor (Protection +2, Protection from Arrows 3/day)
  • Battle Axe +2, +4 vs undead and negative material plane creatures
  • Amulet of the IronHelm (cast cure light wounds 3/day, charm person 1/day, detect magic 3/day and telekinesis 1/day)
  • Potions in giant ant head potion bottles (extra healing, growth, healing)
  • Potions in “normal” vials (green dragon control, polymorph self)
  • Ring of regeneration
  • Durrogen’s Jade Ring – Displacement as the cloak for 6 rounds, takes 1 hour to recharge. +2 on all saving throws against poison and death magic. Weapon wielded in that hand burns with green fire for 1 turn 1/day on command, granting an additional +1 to hit and damage and the ability to strike ethereal and out of phase creatures.
  • Gauntlets of Dexterity (18 Dex)
  • Dagger +1, +2 vs magic users and enchanted creatures
  • Phanstern’s Cloak of Protection +1 (rich dark red)
  • DarkLink Mail (Chain Mail +3, +4 on Stealth checks, casts invisibility 1/day)
  • Bag of Holding (10,000 cn)
  • Raven Hunter (Heavy Crossbow +2, +5 vs flying creatures)
  • 50′ Rope of Climbing (”Spider” command word)
  • Boots of Carrying (reduce encumberance by 500cn)