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After the End - A spotlight on post-apocalyptic gaming

Before going into new material for the post apocalypse, I figured I should go through my old material to make sure I’m not re-doing anything I’ve already done.

So, previously on a Character for Every Game, we had the following post apocalyptic material – including a map and scenario, mini game reviews, and a bunch of characters for a variety of games.

5 Truly Worthy Post Apocalyptic RPGs

Still one of the most popular articles on the blog. As a hard-core Gamma World fan, I list my top 5 non-Gamma World derived post apocalyptic RPGs, followed by 3 hot choices for the Gamma World fan.

Heavy Metal Mutant Future Part 1 (Harry Canyon)
Heavy Metal Mutant Future Part 2 (Den)
Heavy Metal Mutant Future Part 3 (STERRRNN!)
Heavy Metal Mutant Future Part 4 (Taarna)

This image-heavy set of articles examines what the world of Mutant Future (or Gamma World) would be like if it were ported entirely from the classic 1981 cult hit, Heavy Metal. A world both of mutants and wastelands, but also where some enclaves of civilization still exist like New York.

Wheelz! A Post Apocalyptic Encounter

This map and adventure is systemless and useable with just about any post-apocalyptic RPG game. In it, the characters encounter a small garage fortress currently home to a scavenger gang who are trying to find fuel for the nearly mint condition truck hidden at the back of the structure.

My deadEarth Obsession

The horror. deadEarth was one hell of a strange post apocalyptic RPG. For a few weeks I found myself completely obsessed over the game – a process begun because I tried to make a sample character for it – but the sample character died during character creation. Then the second character died. And the third, while he didn’t die, was rendered basically useless. In the end I rolled up 5 characters for the game, dug up a pile of old products for it, and even wrote a “Top 5” list for it. All of this is available below:

Mutant Future, Gamma World and Me

A short musing on why my go-to edition of Gamma World remains the third edition to this day, even if I am totally psyched by the existance of Mutant Future.

Post Apocalyptic RPG Characters

Since the inception of this blog, I’ve rolled up quite a few characters for a variety of post-apocalyptic RPGs (not counting the five I did for deadEarth). By the end of this month I’m hoping to add another bunch to this list.