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After the End - A spotlight on post-apocalyptic gaming

Today I tackle the next ten beneficial physical mutations from Mutant Future, rewriting them so they use a Mutation Score to determine the power level of the mutation.

This list handles Epidermal Photosynthesis through to Optic Emissions.

Epidermal Photosynthesis

Characters with this mutation get energy from the sun, processing it through their bodies as though it were food. If they spend long periods of inactivity in direct sunlight, they will be able to heal wounds more quickly ([MSmod+1] times faster) than the regular healing rate (1d3 per day of complete rest). When they are out of the sun (i.e. at night or in a dark cave) they are forced to move more slowly in order to conserve their rapidly depleting energy. This reduces their movement to 50% of the normal rate. Such characters are also more susceptible to cold and heat, and they suffer a –2 penalty to saving throws versus cold or heat based energy attacks.

Fragrance Development

The mutant has the ability to produce a subtle yet hypnotic fragrance. The fragrance is generally derived from mutated pheromones/hormones (that are emitted at the mutant’s will), but could come in another form-spores, for instance. Once per day the mutant can emit a scent that forces up to (MSmod x 3) HD of creatures, or any single creature with less than (MS) HD (or (MS) CON) within (MS) feet to save versus poison or fall into a hypnotic trance for 2d4 rounds. Victims may be ordered to commit any act that is not suicidal, up to and including attacking friends.


Mutated genes have altered the mutant’s physical size, an effect either related to a pituitary defect or a change in the genetic program during the years of body growth and development. While this serves to increase strength and size potential substantially, the mutant is nonetheless noticeably different than others of his species. Add the Mutation Score (MS) in feet to the height of the mutant (assuming a base height of 6 feet tall), achieving sizes between 9 and 24 feet. The mutant gets a bonus to damage, based on his height. Note that all mutants with gigantism suffer a -1 penalty to hit creatures 3’ tall or smaller.

Gigantism Modifiers
Height | 9’ | 12’ | 18’ | 24’

Damage Dice Bonus* | +1 | +2 | +3 | +4
*The Damage Dice Bonus is only applicable to non-powered hand weapons.

Increased Balance

The character will never fall or stumble, and can climb almost any surface without being in danger of losing balance. Any situation which would call for a chance to lose balance (requiring an ability check or saving throw), the mutant can add the MS of this mutation to the roll.

Increased Physical Attribute [Strength, Dexterity, Constitution]

One or more physical attributes is increased. Roll 1d6 to determine the specific effects.

1-2 Increased Strength: The character can summon bursts of great strength, dealing an extra 1d6 per point of MSmod when damaging an opponent with a hand-to-hand weapon.

3-4 Increased Dexterity: The character’s AC is adjusted (downwards) by his MSmod. This bonus is cumulative with any other DEX bonuses.

5-6 Increased Constitution: The character receives MS x2 in extra hit points, and receives MSmod to all saving throws versus poison.

Increased Sense [Touch, Taste, Sight, Hearing, Smell]

One or more senses is very acute, allowing the mutant to sense things others may not. Roll 1d10 to determine the sense.

1-2 Increased Vision: This allows the mutant to see things as far as MSmod miles away if there is a clear line of sight. This mutation comes with the benefit of ultraviolet vision and night vision.

3-4 Increased Hearing: A character may distinguish even the quietest sounds at a range of MSx10 feet. This also
allows the mutant to pick out sounds from a jumble of noises. Mutants with increased hearing cannot be surprised because they will always hear any movement in their vicinity, and they can listen at a door successfully with a roll of their MSmod+1 or less on 1d6.

5-6 Increased Smell: A mutant with this mutation can pick up scents at MSx10 feet and tell the difference between
various smells even if some seem overwhelming to others. Creatures that are upwind can never surprise this character.

7-8 Increased Touch: This increased sense grants +MS% to technology rolls.

9-10 Increased Taste: This ability does not have a range, but it ensures that a character cannot be poisoned and will always be able to tell by tasting whether something is capable of being eaten for nourishment (this mutation does not have a Mutation Score)


The character can choose (at character creation) another creature that he or she can transform into. The character does not gain the mutations of the creature, just the physical appearance and natural abilities (such as claws or sharp teeth). This physical change (in either direction) takes 2 full rounds of inactivity before it is complete. Any natural weapons gained by this mutation are restricted in damage to the following (based on the MS). Any natural abilities (such as great leaping and so on) are restricted to a bonus equal to the MSmod.

MSmod | Natural Weaponry Damage Max
+1 | 1d4
+2 | 1d6
+3 | 1d8
+4 | 1d10
+5 | 1d12

Natural Armor

This mutation indicates that the character has grown a natural defense mechanism over the entire body. It can be thick fur, scales, a shell, or even rubbery skin. This armor is moderate (1-3 on 1d6) or extreme (4-6 on 1d6). Moderate armor provides an AC bonus (reduction) equal to the MSmod, while extreme natural armor grants an AC bonus (reduction) of the MSmod+3, but reduces movement to 75% of its regular rate.

Night Vision

Individuals with this mutation can see in complete darkness to a range of MSx5 feet by utilizing minute amounts of available light. Vision is in black and white only, and does not function in utter darkness underground, since some small light must be present (starlight, moonlight), even if it is so dim normal sight does not perceive it.

Optic Emissions

This mutation takes two forms. Roll 1d6, and on a roll of 1-3 the mutant character receives the ability to project a flash of very bright light from the eyes (bright eyes), blinding an opponent within MSmod x 10’ for 1d4 rounds. This blindness causes the opponent a penalty of -4 to attack rolls and increases his armor class by 4. This ability is useful regardless of daytime or nighttime. On a roll of 4-6, the character has the ability to discharge a burst of radiation from the eyes (gamma eyes), that can reach 30’. The radiation class (as defined on the radiation table in the Adventuring section) is equal to 1/2 of the MS.