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After the End - A spotlight on post-apocalyptic gaming

Time to convert the next ten mental mutations from Mutant Future to use Mutation Scores…

This list modifies Disintegration through to Know Direction, adding in notation for using Mutation Scores for each.


With this powerful mutation, the mutant can completely destroy matter on a molecular level. Doing so requires so much energy expenditure, however, that the mutant is instantly rendered unconscious, with 1 hp left. The total weight that may be disintegrated is MSx10 pounds and the range is MSx5 feet.

It is more difficult to disintegrate dense materials. Multiply the mutant’s WIL + MS by 2 to find the percentage chance of disintegrating metals and stone, or by 4 to figure out the percentage chance of disintegrating wood or living material.

Once the mutant has used this power, the ML must determine, via a secret 1d6 roll, how many days it will be before the power may be used another time.

Dual Cerebellum

The character has 2 fully functional brains that work in concert. The mutant receives a bonus of (MS)% to all technology rolls, and the character receives one extra random mental mutation that belongs to the extra brain. Both brains have identical WIL. Having two brains also helps to protect the mutant from mental attacks. Whenever the character is the subject of a mental attack, the attacker must successfully attack each brain. Note that a character with two brains may or may not have two heads. One brain may be located in an unexpected part of the body, or as part of a small, sickly or undeveloped conjoined twin.


The character can attune himself to the emotions of other beings and is capable of instilling emotions in creatures who are successfully attacked with this mutation. This mutation has a range of MSx10 feet.

Flight, Psionic

The character may fly through the air with a movement of up to MS x 10. Any encumbrance will hinder the movement by reducing the speed at a level set by the ML.

Force Screen

This mutation allows the character to create an invisible field of energy that is difficult to penetrate. The force screen is close to the mutant’s body, extending only a few inches from his skin. It is capable of taking 2d6 hp + 1d6 / MSmod worth of damage (the ML determines this secretly each time the power is used) before it collapses, leaving the mutant unprotected. The power may only be used once per day.

Force Screen, Greater

This force screen can be used at a range of (2 x MSmod) feet, and is capable of enclosing other creatures. It can take 2d6 hp +1d6 / MSmod  worth of damage before it collapses (the ML determines this secretly each time the power is used), and can be used once per day. It can also be employed in the same manner as the regular force screen.

Increased Willpower

The mutant gains (MSmod) points to his WIL, and gains a bonus of (MS)% to technology rolls.

Intellectual Affinity

Thanks to advanced thinking capabilities, the mutant gains one of the following abilities (roll 1d6):

  • 1-2 Martial Affinity: +(MSmod) to hit in combat and +1d6 damage.
  • 3-4 Tinkerer Affinity: Bonus of (2 x MS)% to technology rolls. The character may also make weapons that do extra damage, up to +(MSmod). These weapons take extra long to build.
  • 5-6 Bartering Affinity: +(MSmod) Charisma when trying to sell an object, and any object sold will yield up to a multiple of 1d4+1 in profits if the person being bartered with can afford it.

Killing Sphere

This powerful mutation allows the mutant to generate a (2 x MS) foot radius sphere of deadly mental energy centered on the
mutant. Within this sphere of energy all creatures except the mutant (friend or foe!) have their hit points reduced to 1 point, and must save versus stun attacks or be knocked unconscious for 1d10 rounds. After using this mutation, the mutant is exhausted from the force of the mental exertion and may move at full rate but not attack for 2d10 rounds.

Know Direction

The character is incapable of being lost, even if all other senses are somehow nullified. He will always be able to find a location where he has been previously, and will know its relation to any location in which he currently resides. This mutation does not have a Mutation Score.