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After the End - A spotlight on post-apocalyptic gaming

Mental Mutants, Untie! Using some strange mutation, a mutant has convinced me that today is not Friday, so no map is needed. Instead my mutant overlord has instructed me to convert the remaining mental mutations from Mutant Future to use Mutation Scores.

This list modifies Mental Barrier through to Vampiric Field, adding in notation for using Mutation Scores for each.

Mental Barrier

Any mental attacks against this mutant receive a (MSmod) penalty to their attack roll. A character with this mutation gains the ability to sense other creatures that have mental mutations at a range of (MS)x10 feet. This secondary ability does not require a roll.

Mental Phantasm

With this power, the mutant is capable of creating a realistic, illusory environment in the mind of another conscious creature. These visions are realistic to all senses but touch. Once the target tries to make physical contact with any element of the phantasm it dissolves into reality. This mutation has a range of (MS)x5 feet


This ability allows the mutant to link its mind with other mutants of a similar type or those who have the same mental mutation. These include those with the Metaconcert mutation, or other mental mutations that facilitate control between the minds of two beings. The mutant may combine his WIL or MS with the WIL or MS of other mutants for conducting a mental attack, or some other joint purpose. A mutant can act in metaconcert with a number of mutants equal to the mutant’s MSmod. Metaconcert cannot be used to enhance itself (so you can’t act in metaconcert with another mutant to increase your Metaconcert MS, thus increasing the number of mutants you can metaconcert with).

Mind Reflection

The mutant may reflect any mental attack he experiences back at the attacker, but he still suffers the effects of the attack. He may only reflect a power that he has been successfully stricken by, and only as many times as he has been stricken by it. The reflected power strikes the mind of the attacker, and it can never target any other creature. If the reflected power uses a Mutation Score, use the MS of this mutation instead of the source when determining the potency of the reflected attack.

Mind Thrust

The mutant is capable of firing a bolt of pure mental energy into the mind of another creature, doing 1+(MSmod) d6 hp damage at up to (MS) x 10 feet range. This ability takes time to recharge, and can only be used once every two rounds.

Neural Telekinesis

With this mutation the character can lift or move (MS)x10 pounds using only the power of his mind. This ability does not extend to lifting the mutant, however. To the mutant, using this power feels like lifting the object with his strength, and so requires some concentration. This ability has a range of (MS) x 5 feet, and can only be used to hold things for 1/2 MS rounds before the mutant becomes tired and must set the objects down. The mutant must rest for 5 rounds before using the power again.

Any use of this mutation on another creature, or objects carried by another creature, is considered a mental attack and must be handled accordingly.

Neural Telepathy

Using this ability, the mutant can connect his mind with another creature’s mind and communicate directly, even if the two creatures speak completely different languages or are of different species. The range of this ability is (MSmod) x 15 feet.

Plane Shift

This mutation grants the power to visit realities in other dimensions. These dimensions are accessed through temporary doors which the mutant creates using the power of his mind. These doors appear as large portals 10’x10’ in size, and will last for 6 rounds or until the mutant closes them intentionally. Once entered, they cannot be exited without a mutant with this ability opening another door. The mutant can only choose to open doors to worlds he has visited before. Otherwise, the doorway leads to a random world of the ML’s choice and design. This ability only works once per week and does not have a Mutation Score.


The mutant may wrest control over another creature’s body, subjecting himself to all of the sensations the possessed  creature experiences. If the creature dies while possessed, the mutant dies as well. During the time he possesses another body, the body of the mutant is unconscious and vulnerable to attack. He may relinquish control of the body at any time, and will return instantly to his own body. This power works at a range of (MS) x 5 feet, but once inside another body the possessor can travel any distance with no ill effects.


The mutant is capable of seeing up to (MSmod) minutes into the future, but only with respect to dangerous things that will
affect him. If the future indicates that he is going to suffer some form of damage, he immediately suffers 1d6 hp damage. If he is confronted with a vision of his death or of suffering a grievous wound that would take more than ½ of his hit points, he suffers 2d6 hp damage and immediately enters a comatose state lasting 1 turn.

Quick Mind

The mutant is capable of learning how to use technology at a much higher rate of speed than other characters (in 1/(MSmod) the time), and receives a bonus of (MSmod) x 10% to technology rolls. When confronted with a mental attack, an attacker must roll to attack three times, succeeding each time (roll three times for the one attack). Because of his incredible leaps of logic, a mutant with this ability has a (MSmod x 25)% chance of figuring out whether someone is telling the truth.


This ability allows the mutant to disappear from one location and appear in a location up to (MS) miles distant without physically crossing the intervening space. If the mutant has never been to the location he is teleporting to or is only slightly familiar with it (ML’s discretion) he has a 35-(MS)% chance of suffering 10d6 damage upon arrival as he teleports into a space occupied by another object, or misjudges some aspect of the location. If he is intimately familiar with his destination or has spent 2d4 hours conjuring an image of the location in his mind he can teleport safely.

Temperature Control

With this mutation, the character can raise or lower the temperature of a visible object within a range of (MS)x10 feet. The specific form of the power must be determined at character generation (50% heat, 50% cold). The mental nature of this mutation requires concentration, and the effect is a graduated level of damage equaling 1d6 per round. The maximum amount of damage that can be dealt is (MS)d6 per round. The ML will decide when an object or being combusts or freezes completely.

Vampiric Field

This mutation grants the mutant the ability to absorb the life essence (hit points) from all creatures (friend or foe) within a foot radius equal to 30+(MS). This power absorbs 1d4+(MSmod) hp per round from all creatures in the radius, and these absorbed points go into a separate reserve for the mutant. All damage to the mutant is taken from these reserved points until they are gone; after this point the mutant’s regular hp begin to be affected. Stored hp will disappear after 24 hours