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After the End - A spotlight on post-apocalyptic gaming

This completes the first part of the Mutant Omega Project.

When rolling up a character using the Mutant Omega rules, determine the Mutation Score for each beneficial mutation (except the rare one that has no mutation score, as indicated in the mutation text). Mutation scores are determined by rolling 3d6, if the mutation requires a Mutation Score Modifier, then consult the following table:

MS | MSmod
3-7 | +1
8-12 | +2
13-15| +3
16-18| +4
19+ | +5

When a character with mutations gains a level, randomly determine one mutation from that character’s list of mutations and increase the mutation score by one.


Mutant Omega

Mutant Omega

Here are the links to the articles revising the various mutations from the Mutant Future core rules: