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The Palladium RPG - 1984 Edition

The Palladium RPG - 1984 Edition

For my advanced Palladium character, I decided instead of writing one up by the rules, I’ll grab my old Troll Palladin from a game I played in a dozen years ago or so. Siembieda’s drawing of the troll in the core book is what drew me to the character to start with, and the fact that I was going to be playing the character made me jump for one of the oversized races because they get an extra damage die for their massive weapons. Originally I was thinking Troll Longbowman (3d6 damage arrows? yes please!) but her stats made me rethink her, combined with the party already having a wolfen ranger who had the 3d6 damage longbow schtick wrapped up tight. My dice were obviously feeling a little odd that day (remembering that a 12 on 2d6 gets an extra die, and a 17-18 on 3d6 does also).
  • Intelligence Quotient – 3d6 – 11
  • Mental Endurance – 2d6 – 6
  • Mental Affinity – 2d6 – 16
  • Physical Strength – 5d6 – 18
  • Physical Prowess – 4d6 – 21
  • Physical Endurance – 4d6 – 21
  • Physical Beauty – 2d6 – 17
  • Speed – 2d6 – 7

So, a troll with style. grace and good looks. A true oddity amongst her kin. So I pulled out the stops and went with a female palladin. Of course, even unarmed a troll is a frightening opponent, with claws and fangs that each deal 2d6 damage augmented by a troll’s natural strength. As a frontline fighter, she ended up seeing a lot of carnage during her four months of play – including an adventure where the group fought and lost against a massive singing shoggoth-like beast that shattered her sanity for a year of game time until she was able to find a mind mage who took her and the kobold warlock seriously. The mind mage managed to reduce her fear of worms to the point where it only recurs in times of extreme crisis. She’s also found herself reduced below zero hit points and in a coma on two occasions. The recovery from said comas also had it’s toll, and she now exhibits a limp, reducing her speed from 7 to 5.

According to her background table rolls, she is the child of a man of arms, but has an inherent hostility towards soldiers and the military. She continued on her father’s path of being a woman of arms herself, but refuses to work along with any organized military force. She would be a lone wolf if it hadn’t been beaten into her that the world is far too dangerous of a place for a fragile trollish girl like herself.

At level 3 she gained three additional elective skills, mostly used to broaden her weapon proficiencies. At level 4 she gained an additional 3 secondary skills, and focused on religious doctrine and languages so she could deal more effectively with her position as a rising star of a holy warrior. One thing you note when at mid levels of this game is that character survivability goes down instead of up. Weapons hit more often, deal more damage and you tend to not avoid using your skills for fear of poisoning yourself, but your hit points only increase by 1d6 per level, meaning the hit points and armour ratings are rapidly outpaced by the increased hit chances.

Gwenevrail, Troll Palladin

XP: 29,048
Level: 6
Hit Points: 44
Alignment: Scrupulous

Birth Order: First-born
Weight: Thin (415 lbs)
Height: 10′ 9″
Age: 28
Social Background: Man at Arms
Disposition: Courteous, hospitable
Hostilities: Military
Land of Origin: Yin Sloth Jungles
Insanities: Phobia of Woms – partially cured, returns during crises.

IQ: 11
ME: 6
MA: 16 (40% chance to instill trust / intimidate)
PS: 18 (+3 hand to hand damage)
PP: 21 (+3 parry, dodge & strike)
PE: 21 (+12% vs coma/death, +3 vs magic & poison)
PB: 17 (35% charm / impress)
Spd: 5

Special Abilities

  • 60′ Nightvision


  • Prowl (+6%) (54%)
  • Speak Southern Human (+24%) (104%)
  • Recognize Weapon Quality (+16%)  (71%)
  • Hand to Hand: Palladin (3 attacks / rnd, Critical 17+, +4 damage, +2 parry/dodge)
  • Horsemanship: Palladin (+2 parry/dodge, 76% jump, +7 damage charge, +2 damage, recognize quality & breed 68%, basic riding, care & feeding)
  • Read / Write Troll (+40%) (90%)
  • W.P. Large Shield (+2 Strike, +5 Parry, +1 Throw)
  • W.P. Lance (+4 Strike, +2 Parry, +1 Throw)
  • W.P. Crossbow (+3 Strike, ROF: 4)
  • W.P. Battle Axe (+3 Strike, +2 Parry, +2 Throw)
  • W.P. Large Swords (+3 Strike, +3 Parry, +1 Throw)
  • W.P. Throwing Axe (+2 Strike, +2 Parry, +3 Throw)
  • W.P. Ball and Chain (+3 Strike, +1 Parry, +1 Throw)
  • Scale Walls (+10%) (66%)
  • Medical (+2%) (70% identify, +74% treat)
  • Trap/Skin Large Animals (68%)
  • Track (54%)
  • Demon/Devil Lore (+15%) (85%)
  • Recognize Precious Metals & Stones (+5%) (45%)
  • Read/Write Southern Human (+20%) (70%)
  • Speak Eastern Human (+24%) (104%)
  • Read/Write Eastern Human (+20%) (70%)
  • Religious Doctrine (+15%) (73%)
  • Sing (+5%) (85%)
  • Preserve Food (72%)
  • Sense of Direction (80%)
  • Swim (75%)
  • Speak Western Human (+24%)  (104%)


  • Skullcutter – Giant Bipennis Axe (3d6 damage) – +3 strike & damage; on a critical hit, target must save versus spell magic or be stunned and paralyzed for 1d6 rounds
  • Superior Plate & Chain Armor – AR 15, SDC 150, 132 lbs
  • Nick & Chop – pair of kobold manufactured giant throwing axes (2d6 damage) – +1 Parry, Strike and Damage
  • Bolt Thrower – Giant Crossbow (2d8 damage) – double damage to demons – shoots fireballs 3 / day, 40 ft range, 3d6+2 damage
  • Striker – Giant kobold manufactured lance (2d8 damage) – +2 damage
  • Large Iron Shield – 2d6 damage thrown
  • Holy Gauntlets of Saint Elsthen – +6 damage to all attacks for 2d4 rounds 1/day
  • Syrup of the Earth (8 doses) – Heals 2d8 damage but reduces Spd by half for 12 hours.
  • Brass Key of the East – proof that we kicked evil ass